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Welcome to a new generation of hair colouring

INNOluxe is a revolution. This highly innovative, incredibly powerful new repair solution uses the latest protein technology to revolutionise the way you bleach, colour and repair hair. INNOluxe gives hairdressers the freedom to achieve so much more for their clients while leaving hair much healthier and significantly stronger. This opens up amazing creative options to give clients their greatest ever hair!

From evolution to revolution 

INNOluxe offers 3 exciting new products to transform the way salons handles colour and create significant repair. The INNOluxe range creates super strong & reinforced sulphur bonds that create incredible repair during the colouring process, restoring maximum strength to hair, providing a broader spectrum of healthier hair colouring options.

Faster, more effective repair with greater flexibility

INNOluxe features Aminobond Complex – a compound of multiple levels of low weight proteins and natural fruit extracts to build stronger bridges between sulphurs bonds, resulting in much faster, more effective hair recovery during and after treatments. INNOluxe can be added to all colours, although the most dramatic results are experienced when using with bleach & high lift.

In addition, INNOluxe works fantastically well as a stand-alone treatment as well as creating incredible repair when used with relaxers, perms and keratin treatments.

Reinforcing the inner structure of hair, INNOluxe delivers greater flexibility and wider creative options.

INNOluxe features:

  • Aminobond Complex - multiple levels of exceptionally low weight proteins
  • ‘super strong sulphur bonds’ that are reinforced to deliver greater strength and flexibility

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