The Product

What exactly does INNOluxe do?

INNOluxe repairs all hair during all colour or technical services.

INNOluxe rebuilds and strengthens hair, adding multiple levels of proteins direct into the cuticle and cortex, improving the condition during the process, delivering healthier, stronger hair.

INNOluxe makes colour last longer and creates and rebuilds hair bonds during and after your colouring treatment. INNOluxe creates this same repair when used with perms, relaxers, keratin services and as a Stand-Alone treatment.

What is INNOluxe V3?

is our next generation of 100% vegan bond builder and intensive hair repair and you’ll really notice the difference from the first time you use it!

As well as rebuilding the hair from the inside so that it’s healthy and strong, V3 adds incredible conditioning, leaving each strand silky-soft and super-shiny. The secret? Advanced AminoBond Technology, which uses a ground-breaking infusion of amino acids to build a superstrong network of protein bonds that feed the hair, then tops it all off by creating a deeply conditioning shield.

Who can use INNOluxe?

Everyone. Whatever your hair type or condition, INNOluxe can be used for every colour line, every lightener and every chemical service. It works on all types of hair, previously chemically processed or virgin. It’s truly universal.

Is INNOluxe safe to use on all hair?

INNOluxe is 100% safe and has full UK/EU health & safety. Always follow the instructions to achieve maximum results.

Is INNOluxe Vegan & Cruelty Free

All INNOluxe products are cruelty free, and from early 2022 the entire brand will also be vegan (we’re just waiting for the new #SAVED formula to come into production!).

What is the difference between V2 & V3?

V3's Advanced AminoBond Technology packs in even more cutting-edge proteins than we had in V2, making hair stronger, softer and shinier than ever! And while we were in the lab, we adjusted the formula so that V3 is also now 100% vegan.

Our Company

Who makes INNOluxe?

Founded in 2015 by the team behind the world-leading KeraStraight, INNOluxe is a British brand taking on the world. Working closely with an amazing team of scientists in Brazil, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done to repair, rebuild and protect hair, so hairdressers can keep pushing the boundaries of colour and style.