Oh look, there’s an elephant in the room!

Yep – PLASTIC. We use a lot of it (especially bottles), but that’s a choice we’ve taken with our eyes open. We wish we could operate without plastic, but we can’t. Of course, we’ve looked at alternatives like plastic-coated cardboard cartons, but ultimately stuck with non-virgin plastic as it’s easier to recycle.

It’s not easy being green

There isn’t always an easy answer, and that means making tough (but informed) decisions. We all know there’s way too much plastic in our oceans and landfill, and that much of it will take centuries to break down naturally.

We all need to do our bit to reduce the plastic going into circulation and, for us, that can be broken down into a series of steps.


Cut out as much single use plastic as possible

  • We’ve removed (or are removing) plastic wrap from our packaging and marketing packs.

  • We’re also removing laminates (plastic coated paper) from almost all our printed materials, and only keeping it where it’s needed (like to protect the instructions sheets salons use every day).


Avoid bringing new, virgin plastic into circulation

  • Most of our bottles aren't virgin plastic. Instead, they’re made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, ocean-bound plastic, or bioplastic from Brazilian sugar cane.

  • We’ll put our hands up and admit our caps and pumps are still virgin plastic, but we’re working hard to change that. We just haven’t found an alternative that meets our standards… yet.


Make sure that any plastic that is used can have another life

  • All the plastic we use is recyclable. That includes the caps and pumps we mentioned above.

  • To make sure no mixed plastics go to landfill, the labels on our bottles are always the same type of plastic as the bottle itself, or are designed to separate during the industrial recycling process.


Don’t give up looking for alternatives

Some problems can’t be solved right now, either because the technology doesn’t exist or because the options available aren’t financially realistic for our business… yet. Just as we’re always innovating with our products, we’re always looking for the next way to improve the sustainability of our packaging and practices.

What else?

That’s a lot of talk about plastic, but we’re also making conscious decisions about our impact in other ways, including:

Sourcing as much of our packaging and other materials as we can in the UK, to avoid excess carbon emissions from transporting goods around the world.

Shipping our product to the UK in bulk by sea (we choose to manufacture in Brazil with an incredible team who have unique knowledge and expert understanding of protein technology).

Bottling our products here in the UK, as shipping the products in bottles would create a much larger carbon footprint.

Ensuring our brand is 100% cruelty-free and (from early 2022) vegan.

Making sure our HQ does its bit, with heating run on biomass, food composting in our kitchens, LED lighting and (of course) office bins separated for recycling.