The Visionary

Jez Barnett

Ready to be inspired? Meet Jez, the visionary behind INNOluxe. With a career spanning over four decades in the haircare industry, Jez is more than just INNOluxe’s CEO, he's a creative force. His journey began in the heart of his family's salons, where he honed his craft and developed a deep passion for giving everyone their best hair ever, eventually leading him from his family’s salons to prestigious locations like London’s West End and Bermuda.

Driven by a desire to create treatments that would enable and empower hairdressers, Jez founded INNOluxe with a mission to develop new and innovative solutions. His extensive expertise and unique approach have led to the development of multiple groundbreaking products that not only transform hair but also empower individuals to unleash their full creative potential

The Brains

Sarah Peterkin

Meet Sarah, the operational powerhouse at INNOluxe. With a background in hairdressing, sales, and customer care, Sarah brings a unique blend of expertise to the team.

Her experience in logistics, coupled with a passion for efficiency, ensures that everything runs seamlessly behind the scenes. Sarah's attention to detail and strategic mindset are the secret ingredients that keep INNOluxe operating smoothly, empowering our team to focus on what we do best, creating amazing haircare products.

Sales Dynamo

Martina Smith

Get ready to meet Martina, our sales dynamo at INNOluxe. With her infectious energy and genuine passion for our products, Martina is the driving force behind our sales team.

She's not just about making sales, she's all about building relationships and empowering stylists to unlock their full business potential. With Martina by your side, success is inevitable.

Creative Mastermind

Anita Mohabeer

Say hi to Anita, the creative mastermind behind the powerful visuals at INNOluxe. With her keen eye for design and unmatched creativity, Anita brings our brand to life in ways that inspire and empower.

From product packaging to marketing materials, Anita's artistic vision reflects our commitment to excellence and empowers stylists to express their creativity with confidence.

With our dedicated team leading the charge, we're excited to pave the way for a new era of haircare. Join us as we innovate, empower, and shape the future of hair care together.