Becki's spilling all her secrets...

Ever found yourself longing for that perfect blend, that flawless transition from root to tip? We've all been there, chasing after that elusive seamless blonding technique that seems to be the talk of the town. But fear not, because INNOluxe Superstar, Becki Beavan, is here to unveil her secret behind the trend: Seamless Blonding.
During her interactive workshop, you'll dive headfirst into the world of Seamless Blonding. Learning how to create effortlessly blended blondes - without the need for root melting! It's all about precision and technique, resulting in jaw-dropping results. (Would you expect anything less?)

But that's not all... Becki's also spilling the tea on how to dominate social media. Discover the tips, tricks, and strategies that have helped her skyrocket to success. From attracting dream clients to growing your following, you'll learn how to make your Instagram pop with viral content that takes seconds to create.
The masterclass wraps up with a deep dive into photography tips and a Q&A session where you can pick the brain of our industry expert. Whether you're looking to build your dream clientele, establish your brand, or break into independent education, no question goes unanswered.

Tickets for this exclusive event are selling fast, so don't miss your chance to level up your blonding skills and dominate social media like never before.