Hello everyone and welcome to my monthly Blog post for INNOluxe. My name is Tegan and I work at Not Another Salon. With this monthly space, I’ll be talking all things hair with some very special guests along the way. If there’s anything, in particular, you guys would like me to cover drop us an email.

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a happy New Year and congratulate us all on getting through another year on this marvellous planet. Whether your 2017 was joyful and prosperous, or utterly rubbish we all have one magical thing in common. We’re all blessed with a new year full of new opportunities and fun.

I’m sure the January blues are hitting a lot of us pretty hard at the moment. If you’re like me, then your #NewYearNewMe ‘healthy’ routine went out the window on January the second when you inhaled a large pizza and fries as if it were your last meal on earth. So I’m writing this post entitled ‘5 Hair Resolutions you need to make in 2018’ and with this, I’m hoping to make our expectations of the year a little more achievable. Instead of swearing off texting your Ex-boyfriend, which let's be honest, won’t happen...Maybe focus on giving your hair a little TLC and start some #selfloving.

So, what I’ve done for you guys is ask some of my favourite stylists and friends what they think your #HairResolutions should be.

Starting this off with a bang is my close friend and colleague here at Not Another Salon, @normanboulton. Here’s what he had to say;

“My resolution would be to only use professional products once having a professional colour service.”

When spending money on hair you obviously care about how it looks. It makes sense to only use professional products that really look after the integrity of your hair and keep your colour as fresh and beautiful for long as possible.

Secondly, I asked the pin-up babe @iloveluciehair who owns her own beautiful salon in Stockport. This lovely lady specialises in vintage sets, creative colour and precision cutting. There’s little this talented lady can’t do.

“I think everyone’s Hair Resolution should be to not be afraid to express themselves through their hair.”

Which I think is such a lovely and valid resolution. A different style can really add a spring in your step. I like to think that a hairstyle matches the inside with the outside. Let the rebel come out this year or maybe even the sexy California girl you’ve always wanted to be. Whatever style you chose, wear it with confidence.

@TheCarlaRinaldi head colourist and my amazing manager here at Not Another Salon thinks that we should start looking for tones that really suit us. “We need to stop chasing after ash and cool colours that simply don’t work for some of us. There’s little that beats a beautiful natural honey balayage.”

Carla is so right! So many things to take into consideration when choosing colour. Skin tone, eye colour, style, what makeup you usually wear. Pop into your local salon to find out what colours and tones suit you best. Who knows what you might discover.

We also have the pleasure of hearing what @Brandonmessingerhair had to say. Brandon is one of the most exciting stylists in the industry today. His name is absolutely everywhere. The talent and passion that comes out this young man is incredible. This is what he had to say,

“Hairdressing should be all about sharing and expanding knowledge. Not only with each other but with our clientele too. It still blows my mind that people don't know to shampoo twice. Once breaks up the grease and dirt, twice removes it. If you want that flawless finish ladies, always shampoo twice. Oil evaporates slower than water. So if you have that client that says they have to shampoo every day. I bet you 9× out of 10 they only shampoo once.”

Last but not least I thought I’d put my two pennies in with a very simple but effective resolution that I constantly forget to do myself. HEAT DEFENCE SPRAY! You can do all the treatments in the world but if you’re regularly using heat in your hair without heat defence spray you can kiss your healthy locks goodbye. If you’re like me and can’t leave the house with flat lifeless hair then this is the number 1 product you need to invest in. Heat defence is the foundation to any big beautiful blow out.

So with this, I bid you all farewell for now and wish you the most fabulous and prosperous hair. Tag INNOluxe in your very own #Hairresolutions2018

Tegan @peachsodaa