Protecting hair from damage is a huge deal when you’re bleaching or colouring ANY hair type, but with curly hair the risk of breakage is even higher.

Whether you’re talking tight afro coils or looser ringlets, it’s absolutely crucial that you know how to look after the health of the hair on the inside AND the outside before you get started.

"One thing we should always consider is that afro/textured hair is delicate”, says INNOluxe brand ambassador, Sophia Hilton. “The common misconception is that because it looks like a darker base, it's going to be stronger. But the reality is that it's weaker”.

Colouring curls is more popular than ever

“A lot of our clients have been working on their natural hair care for over 5 years now”, says hair specialist Sandy Wood. “Our black and mixed-race clients are now wanting to be bold with their colour choices. It’s been incredible to see the transformation, and their smile that goes with that change”.

Luckily it’s not only more popular… because with INNOluxe it’s also safer.

Strength and integrity are key

That’s not exactly news! But how do you achieve strength and integrity when you’re working with naturally curly hair?

“We tend to lift the hair 'low and slow', and by using INNOluxe we're able to put the client at ease throughout the process” says Sophia. “One of the things I've noticed over the past 10 years is the anxiety that clients feel when they have textured hair and you're bleaching. When we have a product that can protect the hair, we can get a positive dialogue going around keeping the integrity and condition of their hair at the top of our priority list. That solidifies a sense of trust in the stylist and it makes the client feel much safer."

Afro hair specialist Brenda Charlemagne agrees, saying “Using INNOluxe strengthens, stops breakage and keeps the integrity of the hair. It takes afro hair to another level and your hair will thank you”!

Including INNOluxe as you colour (or with any other technical service!) will give you a fabulously healthy foundation to work with. And to keep the hair great shape longer-term, we recommend regular Stand-Alone treatments, as well as Elixir V2 as a leave-in treat to use at home.

Getting to grips with colour correction

Keeping the hair strong and healthy isn’t the only challenge when you’re working with afro textured hair, though. “As Afro-Caribbean hair is often so dark, it can be really difficult to get the lift needed for a clean cool blonde” says Brenda.

The answer? Brenda’s a big fan of our Platinum range, saying it “makes it so easy to take out that yellow after using bleach".

Platinum Shampoo and Platinum Conditioner are perfect if you’re trying to lose those yellow tones, and if you’re battling unwanted orange tones, Platinum Mask’s deeper blue hue has you covered.

Colour without damaging curls

See – it is possible! All you have to do now is pick a hair colour and unleash that creativity on those curls…

We LOVE checking out the looks you create with the help of INNOluxe, so tag us into your photos on social so we can share the love!

Photo credits:

Hair: Brenda Charlemagne
Photographer: Charlotte Royle
Make-up: Jessie Owen