Cold, wet and windy… winter weather can feel harsh. It’s easy enough for us to reach for the layers and wrap up against the elements, but we don’t always spare a thought for our hair – and it can really struggle once the weather turns.

The villains

Cold temperatures hit when you brave the outside world, leaving your hair dehydrated, dry and brittle.

Central heating and heated air conditioning may warm you up when you get back inside, but they’re just as guilty as that cold outside weather when it comes to drying out your locks.

Windy weather quickly leaves your hair in a mess of knots and tangles.

Rain and snow can mean wet hair if you go out unprepared (and let’s face it, can anyone really wrestle an umbrella on a windy day?). When that moisture freezes it can form tiny ice particles in your hair (which is already damaged from the cold, remember?). Those particles weight down your hair, making breakage even more likely. This is why your mum always told you not to go out with wet hair!

Bonus bad guys: We all know by now that heat styling isn’t always the kindest to our hair, but everything in moderation, eh? But that doesn’t stop us getting out those heat styling tools when the festive party season gets going.

What’s the damage?

The biggest one here is the dehydration caused by cold weather and central heating. Hair that’s dehydrated becomes dry and brittle, and that means it’s way more prone to breakage, split ends and the dreaded frizz.

As if that’s not enough, then throw in a blustery gale and that already-damaged hair is in one big knot that’s going to take you until next summer to untangle.

And finally, dehydrated and damaged hair looks and feels less healthy, so we wouldn’t blame you if you find yourself dreaming about that nourished shine and soft feel we all love.

#SAVED with a little help from INNOluxe

It’s not all bad news, though. There’s loads you can do to help your hair get through those chilly winter months in great condition, and we’re here to help.

On a practical level, patience and planning can take you a long way. If it’s windy, tie your hair back or, if it’s not long enough for that, clips and hats can help you avoid the tangles. Hats can also be your friend on those misty damp days when it’s not quite raining and not quite dry. You know the ones we mean.

Planning and patience also come into play in making sure you leave time to dry your hair thoroughly before you leave the house, and in planning ahead so that you can avoid too much heat styling.

There’s a lot to be said for thinking a bit further ahead, too. Get your hair strong before the REALLY cold weather arrives by booking in for an INNOluxe Stand-Alone treatment. It’s the perfect way to give your hair a healthy boost before the depths of winter set in, as well as great for helping it recover if the damage is already done. Multi-award-winning INNOluxe brand ambassador Sophia Hilton is a big fan. “It really works”, she says. “We even had a woman cry because her hair was so good!”

Of course, if you’re having colour or another treatment, you can add INNOluxe to those, too. And you can boost the results you get with INNOluxe by checking out this powerful cocktail that’s been put together at one of London’s world-famous Trevor Sorbie salons.

Finally, adjusting your daily routine to give your hair a treat can work wonders. Keep up that protection, repair and all-round luxury feel with a touch of Elixir V2. Use a drop or two on wet hair after you wash and before you style, or add 3-4 drops to dry hair and leave overnight. The choice is yours! Either way, you’ll be helping your hair to stay strong and healthy.

Frosty morning and chilly nights? Bring it on!

Winter may be coming, but now that you’re armed with our top insider tricks, gloriously healthy hair can be yours all season. To steal the words of one lady who’s particularly fond of the chill… let the storm rage on, the cold doesn’t bother us anyway.