In a world where hair miracles are becoming easier and easier, the possibilities have massively broadened for owners of super dark hair!

With the unique Aminobond Complex; our secret ingredient that rebuilds the hair’s inner structure, INNOluxe salons across the globe now have the option to curate huge, transformative colour changes, while maintaining the hair’s health and strength from root to tip!

Gorgeous blogger, Pretty Sickly, decided to take her dark locks to Not Another Salon where our ambassador Sophia Hilton transformed her hair with hundreds of luxurious cream highlights.

Check out the film of Yanin’s 8 hour journey in the chair here:

This look is perfect for darker tones to introduce beautiful texture using exaggerated light shades. Ensure to add INNOluxe to rebuild and protect while you colour the hair to maintain gloss, shine and strength.

A look like this gives you a lighter look without the level of maintenance of a scalp bleach. Perfect for the Christmas period or when planning a holiday.