January 1st means one thing and one thing only, New Year's Resolutions!

We all set them, how long we stick to them is another question! We thought what better than sharing our teams’ resolutions for a bigger and better 2024.

Jez, Creator and Founder

Remembering some important me time... next year!

The plans for this year are so full on with so many launches planned for both INNOluxe & Fabriq, my ambition is to have some me time in 2025!!!

Sarah, Operations Director

My resolution is to aim for a healthier and alcohol-free 2024!

November and December are always busy party months for me, so my body is calling out for a break! Banishing the red wine for January and putting on my running shoes and back to the gym instead.

Anita, Head of Design

Eat healthier and get fit!

This year is all about health and fitness for me. Eating the right foods along with lots of exercise. I also want to learn how to ice skate as I got some skates for Christmas!

Abbey, Marketing Manager

Cook more!

I’d love to become a better ‘at-home chef’. I’m hoping cooking more creative meals at home will banish the takeaway craving and save me lots of £££ this year!

Martina, Account Manager

Defeat the sugar addiction!

Chocolate rewards have been comforting, but now they are not so comfortable to wear! A healthier and stronger 2024 for me.

Imogen, Sales and Admin Assistant

My new year goal is to give up vaping!

I also want to consistently get back to the gym, training at least 5 days a week. Wish me luck!

But of course, we have hair-related resolutions too. As a treat, we’re going to let you in on a little spoiler to kickstart the January buzz. But shhh, you have to promise not to tell anyone.

Expect big things in 2024, how big you ask? Try a new product range coming next month. CALM DOWN, more details coming soon…