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5 Minutes with Lisa Farrall

Meet Lisa Farrall, she’s an award-winning celebrity hair stylist who’s just touched back down in the UK after working on a VERY exciting shoot over in LA.
Lisa was the head stylist and hair creative on the set of Kendrick Lamar’s latest music video, ‘ All The Stars’.

This wasn’t just any music video, this track is also the official soundtrack for Marvel’s new Black Panther movie. It doesn’t get much more exciting than that now does it?

Lisa gave us an exclusive interview on her process and experience and we’re SO excited to share it with you. Here’s ‘5 minutes with..’

How did you get the chance to be working with Kendrick?

I was approached by the directors who had heard of me and seen my work. They loved my what I was doing in the industry and wanted me on the shoot, of course I said yes!

What was the experience like?

The experience was amazing, the set up was a massive production and I was treated very well. I've worked with some big names but this was by far one of the biggest productions I've seen. The scale and amount of set changes were insane, and yes, the panther in the video was a real panther!

"My inspiration is to always push boundaries, but also send a message and to provoke thought."

What was your highlight from the shoot?

As always with a shoot of this nature, seeing my vision come to life and seeing it all come together with styling, lighting and music. When you see the final result in the video you can definitely see my signature style and that’s amazing for me.

What was the main inspiration behind the looks created?

My inspiration is to always push boundaries, but also send a message and to provoke thought. I wanted to pay specific attention to showcasing African culture and the glory of Afro-Caribbean hair in all its beauty; I wanted my goddess vision to come alive!

How much time did you have on shoot? Was it a lengthy process or super sped up?

There’s always a lot of prep that goes into any shoot but working with artists and on a video always seems last minute so I work at super speed. I feel the vibe is always a lot more relaxed in LA than in London, but as with fashion shows, music videos are always a rush right at the end. Luckily I've been doing this long enough to go supersonic and leave myself enough time when I know it’s going to get hectic but you can never fully know what will happen and how it will play out.

Any interesting moments/stories/challenges?

4 of the girls were filmed walking on water so there were a few moments where I was praying they wouldn't slip into the water as that would mean major damage to the look.

What was the biggest lesson you learned?

Everything happens for a reason.

What kept you going – food? Sweets? Cola? Music? Any little details

I always seem to miss the big food truck on sets as I'm always trying to get everything done so I survived on diet coke and english tea as always. It’s essential I have a drive through on the way home in the early hours.

Give an example of how INNOluxe was used on set?

INNOluxe Elixir was used on the model’s hair once we were finished creating the looks to ease away any frizz or unwanted stray hairs. It kept everything slick.

Keep up with Lisa’s ventures and check out her latest work over on Instagram @lisafarrall and you can always find her at her salon + academy, Wig London @wig_london