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INNOluxe Launch at Haircode Academy, Malaysia

Before INNOluxe’s successful global launch at Salon International 2015, the innovative product range was put through its paces at Haircode Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

INNOluxe was showcased during the KeraStraight Malaysia Seminars – a four-day event for technicians, sales teams, salons, beauty journalists, bloggers and celebrities. And, we’re happy to say, Innoluxe dazzled the audience!

Introducing INNOluxe 

INNOluxe is a revolutionary range of colour additive products that promises to transform the colour industry. The product range contains an advanced blend of super low-weight proteins and natural fruit extracts that rebuild and strengthen the hair, even when the chemical process causes damage.

Our pioneering range consists of a two-phase in salon treatment, Innoluxe ReBond and Innoluxe Balance Plus, and the innovative INNOluxe Elixir, which can be used by salon stylists and clients at home.

Instant repair for any hair type

Haircode Academy’s Technical Director, Kelvin Chin demonstrated INNOuxe on model Lim Yee Von. The colouring project included two bleach processes and a tint, and we used INNOluxe in each step. As our innovative formula worked its magic, Lim’s hair was left noticeably stronger.

Lim shone on stage and spoke positively of her experiences with INNOluxe to our audience, comparing it to previous attempts at going blonde. Lim was utterly astounded with the health of her hair following the INNOluxe treatments and felt that its shine and condition had gone from strength to strength.

“Kelvin’s not a natural smiler,” added Jez Barnett, INNOluxe’s co-founder, “but he couldn’t stop smiling each time we presented Lim Yee Von and Innoluxe’s incredible results.” 

Here are some amazing snaps from the event – judge for yourself!

 Innoluxe Malaysia Colouring Process