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“I Was Sold Out in Three Weeks!” ~ Innoluxe Distributor, Nikki Mcgihon

Are you considering adding additional treatments and products to your salon’s repertoire? If yes, look no further than Innoluxe. Innoluxe’s three new products – ReBond, Balance Plus and Elixir, promise to transform the hair industry and give stylists more creative freedom.

Keen to find out more? Nikki McGihon, Innoluxe’s Channel Island distributor, has seen Innoluxe’s “astonishing” results first-hand and received countless positive reviews from prominent hair salons. In this post, you can read about her experiences with the product range.

Trialling Innoluxe

Having worked as a stylist at one of Jersey’s premier salons, Blades Hair and Beauty and distributing many leading hair brands including KeraStraight, Nikki has an in-depth understanding of the industry. Nikki had followed the development of Innoluxe’s instant protein repair solutions and was eager to see the results for herself.

Jez Barnett, Innoluxe’s co-founder, was invited by Nikki to the Channel Islands to deliver a seminar on the brand’s new product range. Afterwards, Nikki couldn't wait to trial Innoluxe personally and get hands on with the product range. “I cracked on with trialling Innoluxe the next morning in the salon,” said Nikki. “My first client was a regular, and she was excited when I told her that she would be the first client in Jersey to experience the amazing repair.

“She mistreats her hair with straighteners, so it desperately needed some TLC. I added Innoluxe to her hair relaxing treatment and also the semi-permanent colour afterwards. The results were astonishing! Her hair felt like never before. Also, it didn't have the slightly cardboard feel that just-relaxed hair can sometimes have. I was sold.”

Having seen the real benefits of Innoluxe on several clients’ hair, Nikki just had to put the products to the test on her hair and loved the outcome.

Fantastic feedback 

Nikki and her clients aren’t the only ones impressed by Innoluxe’s pioneering range of colour additive treatments. Designed as in-salon products to be used by colour specialists during treatments, Innoluxe ReBond and Balance Plus have been well-received by salons across the Channel Islands. The Elixir, which can be used in salons and by customers between treatments, has also dazzled Nikki’s clients.

“Jersey’s most prominent hair salons have taken on Innoluxe, including Blades Hair and Beauty, The Room and Le Salon. The feedback has been fantastic,” Nikki explained. “Hairdressers are selling the Innoluxe Elixir after using it in their salons, reporting how their clients tell them that their hair hasn’t felt so good in years!”

If you’d like to get a closer look at Innoluxe, you can read about the global launch at Salon International 2015 or watch this video. Stylists, distributors and visitors were keen to see Innoluxe’s ground-breaking range of products in action, and they weren’t disappointed. See for yourself!

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