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December Salon of the Month · HOUSE Hair & Beauty

A festive drum roll, please... For the month of December, our salon of the month is, HOUSE Hair and Beauty!

We came across this salon’s stunning work on Instagram and couldn’t take our eyes off the mesmerizing ‘Instagram finishes’ they were creating using INNOluxe products. Take a scroll through their feed over at @house_hairandbeauty and get inspired.

We grabbed a quick interview with them so we could share their story with you!

HOUSE Hair and Beauty is based in Wexford Town, Ireland. They opened their doors in May of this year so are still relatively new, but thriving nonetheless. Owners Gary Kehoe, Clare Priestly and Linda O’Connor came together and over the course of two years, planned their grand opening.

As we all know, location is key when launching a new salon, but this element happened to be the trios first obstacle to overcome. They originally picked out a big warehouse type space located down a side street, but when the time came round to sign on the dotted line the landlord pulled the plug forcing them to view a different location which is where you can find the salon today.

The salon used to be a house so was awkwardly shaped over 3 floors. But, on second and third site visits the location grew on them and they made it come to life.

“Sometimes first impressions don’t always stick!”

On the topic of major challenges, the trio talks about how Wexford is saturated with salons, they said:

“We were pushed to stand out even further. By choosing to have hair, nails, makeup & beauty all under one roof it was always going to be a little tricky. We had to really analyse our space and incorporate suitable decor, making sure it suited each area, but also flowed as a whole salon.”

But with initial hardships aside, they seem to have gone from strength to strength with the salon being featured in the ‘Top Hair Salons to Check Out This Month’ on an online publication, Goss. Gary has also been nominated for ‘Stylist of the Year’ at the ‘Irish Beauty Industry Awards 2018’ so they really are on a roll!

Aside from the salon itself, we wanted to know more about the people who work there and keep it running smoothly day-to-day, they said:

“We're fun if we do say so ourselves, and honest. As much as we strive for perfection, we keep it light-hearted. We try to keep a strong online presence, of not just our work, but our daily behind the scenes antics. We even have a HOUSE BTS highlights section on Instagram of us playing, which you should check out. Not only are we honest with each other, but we’re also extremely honest with our clients with what we think will work & will not work, or how long it'll take to achieve something. We're pretty sure the words "you'll literally look like a Christmas tree with that haircut" has been said once or twice... All in good spirit of course”

The trio, along with their staff, have all worked from home over the years and that intimate setting has stuck with them as a positive when it comes to client interaction. This feeling was something they wanted to recreate in a salon setting as much as possible.

We want to keep that same at home approach but with all the tools you need at hand”

Speaking of team, each of our Salon of the Month’s has a different strategy when it comes to motivating their salon team. When we asked the guys at HOUSE Hair and Beauty, this is what they said:

“We're a very positive salon overall. I think we've all worked in salons where the motivation was always, "you had a great week last week, now let’s do better this week". We don't have to pep talk or push to motivate our team in scheduled briefings, because we do it throughout the day, before and after clients. As long as our team are proud, we're even prouder!”

So coming back to the reason HOUSE caught our eye on Instagram, that super glossy, shiny finish. We wanted to find out more about their INNOluxe journey and turns out they stocked INNOluxe right from the moment they opened their doors.

“We've worked with many of the other competing brands, and quite frankly they don't compare. Not even close! Clients are after that "Instagram finish" more than ever, we wanted to give them finish & protection that INNOlxe gives like no other”

After launching INNOluxe from day one their feedback from clients has been tremendous.

“Clients continuously comment on how glass like their hair feels afterwards. 90% of our colour services are done with INNOluxe”

HOUSE Hair and Beauty is strongly marketed as a colour salon, so having a product like INNOluxe to offer, which salons around them don’t have, means they enjoy an exclusivity so clients are always enquiring about it and telling their friends once they’ve tried it out. A growing client list is a happy client list of course!

So what’s next for this budding salon?

“Over the next year, we plan on continuing colour & styling workshops, introducing new hair extension methods such as wefts & mesh integration, along with starting a hair loss clinic and becoming an educating salon in both hair & beauty. We also plan on having our own hair extensions brand, but one thing at a time and all that...”

On that note, make sure you follow them on Instagram @house_hairandbeauty so you don’t miss a thing.

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