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How To Keep Your Hair Gloriously Gorgeous Between Appointments

Think the gorgeous, glossy, manageable hair you see on celebs is something that can only be achieved with daily blow-dries, a tonne of product and a hairstylist on speed dial 24/7?

Think again.

With the right advice (that’s what we’re here for!), you can enjoy gloriously shiny, soft hair every day and get those heads turning. We spoke to INNOluxe’s founder Jez Barnett, our brand ambassador Sophia Hilton and three of our leading colourists to get their top tips and homecare secrets.

The first rule of homecare: Give home colouring a wide berth

It’s so tempting, isn’t it? You’ve got a big night out planned but your roots are peeking through and your colour’s looking flat. But stop right there – and don’t reach for the box of hair dye.

Sophia shudders at the thought. “Home colouring freaks me out… I check bleach and colour development every 15 minutes as there's such a high risk of damage. It makes me nervous when I think about people with no training applying those chemicals to their own hair!”

“Often, home colours are made cheaper, with different ingredients,” says Jez, “so ultimately the result and health of the hair aren't going to be as good. INNOluxe will repair and rebuild the hair with any colour, but as many box dyes are not as healthy for the hair, I would only ever recommend professional colours. There’s really no substitute."

The second rule: You get what you pay for

This is a pretty good motto for life in general, but colourist Becky Sutherland helps us get a bit more specific, saying “the most important tip: invest in a good shampoo and conditioner.”

Aha. Fellow colourist Casey Coleman is pretty passionate on this point, too, adding “I see people spending loads of money on their hair... but then using shop-bought home care. Why spend £300 on your hair and try and maintain it with £2 shampoo? Invest in your homecare as much as you invest in your hair maintenance.”

I think that’s clear, then. No more pound shop shampoo or cut-price conditioner.

The third rule: Home treatments don’t have to take hours (or even minutes)

“The way my clients maintain their hair at home is just as important as their appointment” says our third colourist, Georgia Bell. But how can you keep up the home treatments when you don’t have hours to spend every day?

ELIXIR V2, that’s how. We’ll let Jez explain.

“Although we originally developed the technology for use in-salon, the rebuilding power of ELIXIR V2 can be used at home, on any type of hair. It feeds the hair with small doses of low-weight proteins, building the structure within the hair. Apply a couple of drops between washing and styling and it’ll help strengthen your hair without weighing it down”.

Applying ELIXIR V2 takes just a few seconds, and you’ll notice the difference straight away. See, you can pamper your hair AND get that extra thirty minutes in bed!

The fourth rule: Stay cool

Cooler water is your friend. The same is true for going easy on the heat styling. Becky explains that “cooler waters help keeps the cuticle down, saving your colour for a little bit longer. When we use too much heat on our hair it fades out colour and also damages the hair.”

She suggests keeping it simple on days when you’re not going for a full blow-dry. “Plait your hair when it’s wet and wear it curly, boho style. And when your hair’s wet, gently brush it starting from the bottom and working your way up.” 

Georgia couldn’t agree more, adding that “a braid is always a great style – and of course, if you leave it long enough it can be turned into a wave!” Two styles in one? We like it.

The experts have spoken…

… and it seems that the hair of your Instagram dreams is only a drop of ELIXIR V2 and a braid away.

Still here - what are you waiting for? Order your ELIXIR V2 now.