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Introducing Tuttii Fruittii London, our February ‘Salon of the Month’!

In order to get to know co-founder Tuttii fast, we kicked off with some quick fire questions…

INNOluxe (I): What can’t you leave the house without?
Tuttii (T): My huge wooden clogs.

I: You’re on a desert island. What’s the one thing you would take with you?
T: My parrot, Pricilla

I: If you could wear one piece of clothing forever what would it be?
T: A clown suit

I: What are you up to right now?
T: Right now I’m currently sat in the salon having our Fruittii Stylist Tegan kolor my hair! We are going for a NeonGreen tropical Future Alien look!

I: If you were to get matching tattoos with someone, who would it be with and what would it be?
T: I would get a matching tattoo with my creative clown duo Toni Tits, it would have to be one of our favourite image of us dressed in our finest clown looks. We both really like this image because of the memory of a good time we shared.

My aim is to have a matching tattoo of our work, so it inspires us to keep being true to ourselves at all times! :)

I: What's in your bag right now?
T: My damp smelly gym wear from this morning

I: Who runs the world!?
T: The reptilian evil forces of planet xion

I: What makes you fall asleep?
T: I’ll let you know after the watershed

I: What keeps you awake at night?
T: Next weeks, staff pay toll! Ha!

I: If you had your own band, what would it be called and who would be in it?
T: CandyKONK... can’t unveil anything just yet ;)

I: What’s your favourite insult?

I: What’s your biggest inspiration?
T: Being a clown, waking up every day going into Tuttii Fruittii Hair Salon, surrounded by Colours patterns and the most amazing creative team.

On top of clients leaving our shop feeling empowered and confident with their fresh hair looks!

Feeling creatively stimulated by your surroundings is so important for our growth so I thank the universe every day.

I: Drink of choice
T: Espresso martini. A glass of heaven!

With a taste for Tuttii, we wanted to delve deeper and find out more about the totally unique salon space named, Tuttii Fruittii London, what happens there and what clowns have to do with it.

Tuttii’s hairdressing story started at 14. With Mum being a hairdresser, Tuttii was born into the hair world. Tuttii goes on to explain more:

“I knew barbering was my vocation, so I went straight into it in Portsmouth (where I’m from), then moved to London when I was 18 and worked in barbershops all over. During this time I met all my creative group of friends who really inspired me to express my artistic vision. Nowhere fitted my vision of the perfect salon experience; I dreamed of a colourful space that included all the "weird and wonderfuls" of this world. A salon that empowers, liberates and stimulates the mind - encourages you to be creative. There was nothing out there so it became my life mission to materialise it”.

The story of Tuttii Fruittii London begins five years ago when Tuttii was offered a cheap caravan, which was purchased and turned into an immersive colourful wonderland with art all over the walls and on the outside. Tuttii says:

“It was a pure magic box. This is where the journey began and I met Toni who became my creative partner instantly! We spent years in this little space spreading our clown hair to the world until it all had to come to an end when the council decided to repossess the building where we had built a creative hub for years. It was a sad ending but the universe blessed us with this old barbershop which had just become available during the eviction. The timing was absolutely perfect. We launched the brick and mortar salon in January 2017 and the rest is history.”

So with keys in hand, what was next for the Tuttii Fruittii London duo, now made up of Toni and Tuttii?

Tuttii goes on to explain how, what they believe is their greatest achievement, is manifested in the form of their shop front.

“Our greatest achievement would have to be painting the entire shop front by hand. Toni and I spent 2/3 months outside in the Summer creating the dream facade we had both envisioned. It tells the story of Tuttii Fruittii London. It’s something to be seen if you are ever in the area!”

Whilst on the topic of achievements, Tuttii goes on to talk about their unusual stage time at Salon International last year. Tuttii says,

“We were very proud to showcase six very different models adorned with our artistic rainbow vision. Having the opportunity to speak about our journey, our inclusive ethos, about queerness, about freedom of expression on two different stages, including Hair Tribe, was a wonderful day for us. We also had our friend “Questioned” on stage as a model who closed the event by rapping something he had written for the shop. This really showcases what we are about; creative freedom! As artists, it’s very important to be able to bring our vision and philosophy into what we create and share these ideas with eager listeners. We want to spread light and inspire above all things.”

Spreading light and knowledge is golden in our industry, so we wanted to know how Toni and Tuttii select those creatives who get to work in their weird and wonderful shop. They said:

“Our staff at Tuttii Fruittii London is a beautiful mix of talented creatives. So far we have met and hired stylists that needed freedom in their practice which is hard to find in salons. It’s very important for us that our staff are excited by the idea of hair as a blank canvas and want to experiment with colour, cuts and clipper work. We look for experienced stylists that see the potential of their craft as a medium to create new styles and visions daily. There is no limit to our imagination here and the hairdresser's rule book most certainly gets thrown out the window in terms of style, colour designs and gender binaries. It’s essential our staff fully understand and believe in our safe space policies and inclusive ethos. Also, it helps to not have a fear of clowns!”

Clowns. This is a huge stand out when you see Tuttii Fruittii London visually and when you meet Toni and Tuttii. We ask them to explain more about this aspect and how they link it together with their hairdressing business. Tuttii says:

"I was born a clown at heart so for me having my shop be a part of this journey is very organic and intuitive. Toni and I have both created our Klöwncraft together as an art life project. We don’t take life too seriously, and strongly believe that fun and play is the essence of a happy life. This is the energy we want to spread to the world. It’s so important to inspire others to be more open and not place judgment on others for their differences. This is the core of clowning. We laugh together at the human condition and unite through play. We want to encourage the world to let go of the norms and limitations society imposes on us all; it’s a form of therapeutic experience to break out of taboos and normative self-perception. Sometimes all we need is a clown to open up the gate and show the way!”

Toni, Tuttii and their Tuttii Fruittii London is a super inspiring place to be, that’s for sure. We asked Tuttii the most clique question being, ‘what’s the most important advice you would give to young hairdressers?’, and Tuttii said:

“I will always say to young hairdressers to believe in themselves, trust their ideas and intuition. The world needs your fresh creative talent. I encourage you to get creative and express yourself !”

And to reach your full potential creatively, of course, you need to be working with INNOluxe, which the Tuttii Fruittii team most certainly are. We asked them what made them choose, and most importantly, stay with us? Tuttii said:

“We discovered INNOluxe through our stylist Tegan. She was already very familiar with the product range and put us in contact with Jez (founder). We instantly hit it off after hearing more about the brand. We absolutely swear by the texture and cosmetic feel of the products now. The cherry on the cake is how wonderful it smells.

This type of up and coming technology is an integral part of our responsibility as hair stylists and salon owners to provide the best for our client's hair. As we specialise in creative colouring and sculpted hair art we are very eager to see the brand evolve and keep expanding.

Super excited to see what is in the pipeline for INNOLUXE!”

On that note, we’re itching to get creative… aren’t you?!

You can keep up to date and inspired by Tuttii and Toni over on Instagram at @tuttiifruittiilondon. 

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