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Salon of the Month - Colour Me Sophie B

This month we’re focusing on Solihull salon, Colour Me Sophie B. Sophie launched her salon in February 2018, and with over 23 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge spanning colour, education, mentoring and management, this is one to watch!

Founder Sophie says, “Colour Me Sophie B is all about delivering an exceptional service to every client who walks through the door. Think maximum talent and minimum ego!"

Based in the Midlands, Sophie chose this spot for her new salon venture as it’s where she marks the beginning of her career; full circle if you will. The aim was to bring something new, fresh and exciting to somewhere that was super familiar to her. Sophie was honestly bored. She wanted her salon to be more than just generic services and pricing structures; some may call it spotting a gap in the market.

"I love to mentor my team and empower them to build their own unique brand within my salon..."

So how do you create a unique salon experience? Sophie is convinced it all lays in the hands of her trusty team, she says, “I love to mentor my team and empower them to build their own unique brand within my salon. It’s important that I set aside time to support and help them grow individually as well as a collective force. As a busy master colourist, I know my biggest challenge is managing my time efficiently to give our guests an amazing experience whilst growing the business efficiently.”

Juggling time and investing in a team to then be able to treat clients to an incredible experience is a tall order. Sophie expresses how the key lies in not letting time run away and touching base with her hard-working team daily.

“I give my team everything they need to progress and be awesome, I also always try to lead by example. To motivate each other we huddle every day for 20 minutes before our guests step foot in the salon to share our overview for the day ahead. We take time to celebrate each success from the previous day and look to tackle any challenges. It’s a system I really value - it’s amazing to have that connection.”

Speaking of connections, Colour Me Sophie B is, of course, an INNOluxe salon. She shares lots of beautiful work on Instagram, hence how she caught our eye from afar! Sophie tells us that she was first introduced to INNOluxe by our ambassador Sophia Hilton at Not Another Academy. On seeing the results, Sophie immediately picked up the product range to show her team!

“I was astounded by the performance. There was no question in my mind when it came to offering INNOluxe to my clients.”

And since Colour Me Sophie B opened for business, INNOluxe has proven a hit!

“Our guests absolutely love INNOluxe as much as we do as colourists. Not only does it strengthen the hair, but it makes the hair aesthetically incredible. The only way to describe it is, it’s like the hair has been reborn! The integrity of the hair always comes first for me, INNOluxe enables us to deliver amazing colour results on the perfect blank canvas. As for home care, Elixir V2 is our best seller!”

With a brand new salon going from strength to strength, what’s next for Colour Me Sophie B?

“Next up, nurturing my team is my primary focus to drive the business and brand forward this year. We want to keep our service menu exciting and varied, we offer all of our signature techniques but plan to grow and expand on those. We’re also launching "BLENDAGE”, our signature technique that custom blends tonality and depth unique to each guest. That’s exciting!

We can’t wait to see what Sophie gets up to next, follow her salon and their journey at @colourmesophieb.