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Salon of the Month - Gypsy Rose

Introducing this month’s Salon of the Month, Gypsy Rose Salon!

After freelancing for three years, founder Niamh opened her salon called Gypsy Rose in 2015. The idea for Gypsy Rose came to mind during a conversation on Miami beach and materialised in a local, upcoming area, back home in Sheffield.

So, what makes Gypsy Rose special?

“You just be YOU, and we’ll do the rest!”

Niamh stands by this motto, and her salon follows suit. There’s no judgement allowed in the salon allowing clients to feel relaxed enough to enjoy the atmosphere and feel free to be who they want. She’s picked up Best Stylist in Sheffield twice, and she’s sure it’s for this reason.

What makes Gypsy Rose different to the other salons on the high street?

Niamh said, “My clients have said they feel like they’re coming into my home and that’s the best thing they could say. Everything I use to ‘dress’ my salon has come from my home or gifts from clients. My personal taste has a huge range from religious iconography to gnomes and my little pony! I think the mix in decor adds to the environment, and clients feel comfortable to open up and discuss everything from politics to where to get the best eyebrows”.

Gypsy Rose Colour Magic

Let’s talk about the clients. Who goes to Gypsy Rose?

“My clients come from all walks of life; scientists, roller derby girls, artists, writers, creative mums, mermaids and vintage pin ups are a few characters that spring to mind. They tend to sit in a 20-55 category, but one thing they all have in common is they’re all seeking the extraordinary, it’s our privilege to help them achieve that”.

Niamh loves INNOluxe, and it really helps in the quest achieving the extraordinary her clients seek without damaging healthy hair.

We asked Niamh, why INNOluxe over other brands?

“INNOluxe grabbed my attention when I noticed Not Another Salon were crediting their client's incredible hair integrity to their products on Instagram. I wanted to investigate further and found not only was it cost effective with superior results to leading competitor brands but it really gave me complete confidence in my creative colouring process.”

Want more of Gypsy Rose? Head over to their Instagram page, @gypsyrosehair

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