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Salon of the Month · Harris Gibbs Hair

Congratulations Harris Gibbs Hair Shop, you’re this months’ Salon of the Month.

Harris Gibbs have been posting non-stop on social media sharing their gorgeous INNOluxe creations on the daily - how could we not stop and take notice?

We had a chance to catch up with Alex from Harris Gibbs to find out more about what goes on behind those salon doors.

Let’s get a little bit of history, when was Harris Gibbs founded and who founded it?

Harris Gibbs Hair Shop was founded in 2009 by Alex & Chris Harris-Gibbs after they each left their retrospective careers working at two of the UK’s biggest hairdressing companies. It’s a family affair.

What’s the philosophy behind Harris Gibbs and what makes you guys different to other salons?

Our philosophy is very much built around our team’s passion for delivering a bespoke service to each of our clients in a creative and dynamic environment.

Talking behind the scenes, we’re really invested in our team and make sure they’re on an ongoing training programme to ensure their skills and knowledge are at the highest level within the industry.

We also hand pick all the product manufacturers we work with; high performance products are something we love to share with clients too.

What would you say is your most popular service?

A personalised cut & style will always be our go-to service, however, we’re seeing a huge growth in our creative colour sector as clients are noticeably paying more attention to the latest trends in colour. We always make sure we adapt those trends to result in the ‘perfect colour’ for them whilst preserving the integrity and condition of their hair. Maintenance and being able to recreate the look they leave the salon with is really important.

Would you say your customers fit into a certain demographic?

We focus our energy on our clients, ensuring they leave their appointment feeling fantastic and looking forward to visiting us again. Every client is treated this way irrelevant to age, gender or lifestyle.

So, why did you choose INNOluxe initially? How did you find us?

Originally we were using an alternative bond building additive treatment but were enticed by INNOluxe due to their constant and inspiring presence on social media. INNOluxe chose to showcase the performance of the product with real results happening in salons, rather than an obvious celebrity endorsement.

How has INNOluxe affected your work and your salon business?

We have found that we’ve grown in our treatment sales sector as our team have a genuine belief and confidence in the performance of the product. It’s never pushed on to clients, just promoted in an open and honest way.

The instant effects our clients comment on are the softness and shine to the hair, however weeks down the line we have many clients commenting that their hair colour is maintaining colour vibrancy for much longer. Even months down the line they’re noticing the strength and quality of the hair has improved which is a great journey for the client to be on.

We generally find that once we introduce a client to INNOluxe, in future appointments they request the service without us having to mention it!

To see more from Harris Gibbs check out their Instagram at @harrisgibbshair and be sure to check our blog every month to find who’re reigning Salon of the Month!

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