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Salon of the Month - Melissa Timperley Salons

We’ve been following this salon since it first opened its doors in December 2016. They’re not even one year old, but this month’s salon of the month is Melissa Timperley Salons!

Based in the heart of Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter, this salon’s enterprising team of six have been finalists in five national hairdressing industry awards since opening which caught our attention.

The salon interior has a luxurious spa-like feel, with a carefully selected colour scheme and a spacious environment for each client the theme is opulent. Past the aesthetics what makes Melissa Timperley Salons different to others? We interviewed owner Melissa to dig deeper and find out what makes Melissa Timperley salons tick.

Melissa Timperley Salon Hair

First things first, how did the concept for your salon come to life and what’s your salon philosophy?

“The salon’s approach is driven by a 300 person survey on what clients want when they visit a salon. It’s the ‘start to finish’ experience that clients have with us that makes them want to come to us and keep coming back. We give complete one-on-one attention to every client and no one is ever rushed.”

Beyond visiting an opulent and beautiful salon, what services do your clients usually come for?

“We specialise in designing beautiful hair, we have a balance of precision cutting and creative colour clients who often go for balayage. We also invite clients to invest in their hair with treatments that will enhance the condition of their hair and the final look.”

How would you describe your customer demographic? Is there one particular ‘group’ of people who you attract?

“We attract clients who want to look their best and want beautiful hair in a style that’s compatible with their lifestyle and commitments. While our clients are usually females of all ages; we do have a client base of men who love precision cuts. We don’t use clippers at all which is all part of our 5* approach, and it’s also a very different atmosphere to a barber which is also attractive to the male clientele we have.”

You’ve been an INNOluxe salon for a little while now, how has INNOluxe affected your salon business?

“We’ve been amazed by how many clients already know about INNOluxe and proactively request it when booking their appointment. For others who don’t know about it, it’s easy and natural for us to talk about the benefits of having an INNOluxe treatment during our extensive consultations. After using INNOluxe, our clients leave the salon looking and feeling great. This is wonderful for the salon regarding repeat visits and referrals; we have lots of our client’s friends and family members calling for an appointment after seeing our work and the condition of our client's hair”.

So clients can definitely notice the difference between when they’ve had INNOluxe and when they haven’t?

“Of course, clients notice without fail - not just the immediate look and feel of the hair while they’re with us in the salon, but for weeks after. They tell us that their hair is much easier to manage and looks better for longer. One client commented, “After many years of colouring my hair I have found that by using INNOluxe it’s made my hair feel 10 years younger. It feels shiny, healthy and my colour seems to last so much longer!”.

To see more of Melissa’s amazing work, check out her Instagram at @melissasalons.

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