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Salon of the Month - Sandy Wood

Spring has sprung and we’re so excited to introduce our Salon of the Month for the month of March - Sandy Wood!

Who is Sandy Wood?

Salon of the Month - Sandy Wood

Sandy Wood’s two salons were founded by mother, daughter duo. Their newest salon was a project they took on post finding a site in Buckhurst Hill, the new space was up and running in only seven weeks!

Their aim is to deliver an advanced and personalised service for every salon guest. Sandy wants to create an environment to begin every hair journey, whether that’s a first haircut or bridal hair; the salon accommodates every aspect of hairdressing.

The team at Sandy Wood pride themselves in having a wealth of knowledge to offer, they’re equipped for the modern day client, who thanks to media and social media, are super savvy!

Salon of the Month - Sandy Wood

They love to offer hair care advice each and every time, positioning themselves at the forefront armed with the best products on offer; INNOluxe is actually a client favourite.

Sandy believes that yes, you can do bleach highlights, root dyes and all the colours under the sun, but at her salon, if you listen and act on the advice of the stylists you should never have to compromise on great looking, healthy, strengthened and conditioned hair.

It’s this philosophy that means the clientele at Sandy Wood grows and grows, with a huge range of ages from 1-99, nationalities and races; hair can be the common factor no matter the type or style.

Salon of the Month - Sandy Wood

INNOluxe is one of Sandy’s client’s favourite services, they found us after reading and researching bond building treatments extensively. With scientific advances coming in from across the globe they wanted to make sure they had the best treatments on offer. After trying and testing 5 different brands, INNOluxe stood out as having the best performance and ability to be mixed with all chemical processes, not just colour.

Sandy tells us she can’t live without INNOluxe,

“INNOluxe has added confidence and assurance to both the client and the hairdresser alike. Thus making us a better revenue of the added services that we can't live without. Even added to our relaxers for Afro hair we now have the added bonus of being kinder to the hair than ever before!

The feedback since using INNOluxe has been remarkable; I hate to colour without it. Our clients have noticed a remarkable change in their hair; this the best feedback that we could ever hope to receive. For our new clients that need our help with extremely damaged hair, we’ve been able to offer the hair building goodness of INNOluxe before proceeding with any chemical process.”

Check out Sandy Wood on Instagram @sandywood_hair!

See you next month.