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Salon Of The Month - The Social

January is behind us and to help us move into February in style is this month’s ‘Salon of the Month’, The Social.

Who are The Social?

The Social, situated in the heart of London, was founded in May 2016 by Ky Wilson. The salon began its life as a pop-up concept that Ky kick started a few years ago. He had the genius idea to collaborate with independent businesses to help one another generate a client base by creating a hub with a desirable, sociable vibe.

The concept gained momentum quickly, with a first come first serve booking system becoming its own worst enemy, Ky built two permanent residencies off the beaten track in warehouse’s situated in London and his hometown, Kendal in the Lake District.

Less than one year in both salons have a solid team working alongside guest artists when it suits, allowing Ky the freedom to grow without the stresses of a conventional salon business.

Ky sums up his salon's concept in one sentence:

Every objective has a “social” focal point.

The Social showcases that fusing skill sets with other socially driven independent enterprises such as festivals, musicians, retail, fashion designers, bars and clubs works organically. These creative industries outside the hair industry share the DNA of the salon, which also mirrors Ky’s personality; energetic, positive, creative, inspired and enthusiastic.

From a colour perspective, Ky is known for his freehand colour enhancement service called ‘Ky’Dye’. The technique aims to work with the client’s natural hair as much as possible, only enhancing condition and quality so they can enjoy the maximum longevity of their look.

Sounds like a salon for a young crowd? You’re wrong, Ky’s client base has a love for natural and healthy hair that spans generations:

“It totally varies from inspiring youngsters vibing off our up to date Instagram images, to the older generation flying in from around the world to take some of our energy and sharing their personal wisdom. The best times are when we all come together to have a drink and share stories at all the events we put on with fellow collaborators. I love the variation and learning from one another.”

Ky’s trademark portfolio of gorgeous enhanced locks clearly go hand in hand with INNOluxe, and it’s restoring and repairing qualities.

When Ky was asked why he loves INNOluxe, for him it was simple:

We’re all suckers for hair that’s super soft to touch with iridescent shine!