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How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Lockdown

As much of the world tries to stay at home to help fight the spread of coronavirus, it’s not taken long for people to realise they’re going to really miss their regular salon visits during this time! Having your hair cut, coloured or styled is hardly anyone’s top priority right now (that would be queuing up to buy loo roll?!),...

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Pretty Cool Pastel Hair - Colours We Think You’ll Love

As the days get longer and we move out of the darker months, there’s nothing quite like a dose of pretty, soft pastel shades to bring a small dose of ethereal spring style. Pastel shades are endless, from mint to bubblegum pink, via shades of peach and yellow. This season’s top pastel trend, though, is turning the temperature down on...

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Hello Sunshine! Canary Yellow Hair Hits the Headlines

Kylie Jenner is embracing it (and we’re LOVING it). Our very own brand ambassador, Sophia Hilton, champions it as her trademark image. And you can get the look, too. That’s right, we’re embracing bright yellow hair. But why now? The Kylie effect Vivid yellow hair has been around for a while, but it’s hitting the headlines right now mainly thanks...

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Balayage, Ombré, Sombré, Foilyage: What’s the Deal?

So many trends, so many techniques, so similar and yet so different… if your brain hurts just thinking about it, you’re not alone. You probably know that balayage, ombré, sombré and foilyage are all ways of colouring hair so that it looks natural, but working out the differences between them can be a world of confusion. That’s probably because they...

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Platinum: The “Lifesaver” Range for Cool Blondes

Since we launched it in late 2018, we’ve watched the world of haircare grab hold of our PLATINUM range, test it out and fall in love with it. We’ve loved watching from the sidelines as our products do their thing and win over stylist after stylist, client after client with their sheer brilliance. Sophia Hilton, our brand ambassador, even called...

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