Looking for a wonder product for hair? Look no further than INNOluxe Elixir. Think we’re exaggerating?

“We’d recommend it to everyone,”

says uber talented hair stylist Rachel Clinton from The Hair Studio.

“It’s so easy to use and the results are amazing!”

Ready to find out more? Elixir is a highly concentrated leave-in conditioner that reinforces the hair’s structure with multiple levels of flexible proteins, leaving hair strong, flexible and ready to take on the world. Built with many of the same proteins used by Innoluxe’s incredible repairing treatment, Elixir is perfect for use in salons or at home, with the results always the same - shinier, healthier hair!

Keep reading as we take you through the many, many benefits of using INNOluxe Elixir and share the incredible results salon owners have achieved by adding it to their in-salon services.

Putting clients first

We don’t like to brag, but we’re rather proud of Elixir. Since the brand’s global launch at Salon International 2015, this product has earnt itself several high profile fans too. The incredibly talented Sophia Hilton of Not Another Salon loves our products so much she became the brand’s Global Ambassador.

As someone who puts clients first with her ‘anti-factory’ approach to hairdressing, colour-pro Sophia values the way Elixir helps keep her clients’ hair in perfect condition between services. “We all know every client has the same concern after any service that gives condition – and that's how long it will last,” she said. “But Innoluxe Elixir is perfect for keeping the health and condition between services which puts your client’s mind at ease and makes you feel safe that they are looking after it in between your magic.”

Ultimate protection

Elixir can help any air type. Whether it’s frizzy and wild, or straight and flat – by adding just a couple of drops of Elixir on pre-shampooed hair before styling products, you’ll achieve richly conditioned, healthy styles worthy of the red carpet. It’s also used regularly by stylists who get incredible results by using it as a cutting lotion.

Rachel from The Hair Studio can’t work without it! “During my seventeen years in the hairdressing industry I have worked with many brands and products,” she said. “But sometimes you find something that you know you can't work without – Innoluxe is one of these brands. We love the results we get from working with Innoluxe and the Elixir extends the repair & rebuilding.”

Perfect for everyday use

Using Elixir every time hair is shampooed will keep reinforcing the hair’s structure and help give greater strength and flexibility. With minimal effort, you’ll be left with hair that’s more than capable of tackling the onslaught of daily environmental and heat stresses. It’s perfect for use as a stand-alone treatment for conditioning and heat protection; as a base before adding styling products; or as part of a collaborative treatment with Innoluxe during colouring and other technical services.

Concentrated greatness

Elixir is so concentrated that 1-2 pumps is enough to add a structured base in the hair so that it’s left stronger, but with the kind of lightweight flexibility that will help you do more, not less with those gorgeous tresses.

Even better, Elixir is available in a retail size, so clients can benefit from that coveted salon-fresh, clean and lightweight feeling between cuts.

“We definitely achieve healthy, stronger, shinier hair without weight and buildup,” says Steve Winter of Elite Luxuries Ltd. “The Innoluxe Elixir is a lovely aftercare leave in treatment that supports at home what the in-salon service has started.”

The perfect treatment

Elixir is perfect for busy salons. Not only is it simple and quick to use, it also achieves results guaranteed to keep clients coming back for more. For Rachel, that’s one of the top selling points of Elixir, “It's so easy to use you need no extra time other than your allocated appointment time, application is easy.”

The gorgeous Nikki McGihon from Salon Essentials C.I has been very impressed by the response from clients and salons. Everyone wants Innoluxe Elixir it seems! She said, “One client, from a St Helier salon, said that her hair hadn’t felt like that in years!”

Shiny durable colours

Steve from Elite Luxuries has also been overwhelmed by the positive response to Innoluxe Elixir from salons. “Salons have welcomed the product with the ease of both usage and introductory costings, he said. “They have been repeating orders on the introductory trial packs and have been very impressed with the product performance. Most noticeably the hair is in better condition after the chemical service with Innoluxe and results are shinier and colours more durable.”

Is it time you tried Elixir?

If shiny, healthy, flexible, conditioned hair and durable colour sounds good to you, why not try it for yourself? Elixir is available in all INNOluxe salons and via our online shop. For salon enquiries visit our Professional shop. To buy Elixir for use at home, visit our Retail shop.