The time has finally come to reveal the new and improved V2! There's been a huge buzz around this on social media with countless bloggers, magazines and brands sharing whispers about this new and improved magic potion. Now it's your turn to get your hands on it and give it a go!

As a salon who SWEARS by INNOluxe and uses it on up to 98% of all colour clients, we know this product inside and out. The smell, the texture, the outcome; you name it we know it. Not Another Salon is the perfect place to put the next generation of this product on trial.

First things first, we love step 1 aka Rebond V2 because we like to mix scalp bleach 1 to 1 to combat sensitivity. The consistency of the Rebond V2 helps to make the bleach more workable. It also boosts the hair's strength right off the bat, even more so than the original formula, believe it or not. We used to have to say no to lots of clients pre INNOluxe, as their hair didn't have the strength and integrity required to endure the bleaching and colouring process without snapping and extreme damage. Now we can say yes to those clients because ReBond V2 gives the hair the muscle it lacked in the first instance right at the start of the treatment.

"V2 gives a shinier finish & polish to the hair."

Sophia Hilton

We loved the original version of Balance Plus so much that we weren't expecting massively different results from Balance Plus V2. However, after a few weeks of using it, this is what we found.

First off, the new scent is absolutely beautiful. It has a clean, classy and fresh smell. The scent is slightly more expensive smelling than the original and we've had such great feedback on it. We all know how much of a difference a scent makes for the client.

Secondly, the texture we found to be a lot creamier and more easily spreadable throughout the hair. This is extra important when dealing with heavily bleached clients. Combing through freshly bleached hair is not only time consuming but also damaging, so having a texture that easily penetrates the hair is really helpful. We've also found that after the treatment the hair is way easy to comb through which again means we're kinder on the hair.

Lastly and most importantly, we noticed that cosmetically V2 gives an overall shinier finish and polish to the hair. Longevity wise, we've only been trialling it for a couple of months and so far we're happy with the results.

So all in all, V2 has been a massive success and we're all 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Here's what other people have had to say about it;

@lucyalicemorris for @thedebriefuk said

"Controversial thought; I think INNOluxe V2 is better than Olaplex."

@AmyValentinex says

"Look how damn silky my hair is. I've never been so unhappy with my unhealthy, frizzy hair and now I m so over the moon."

We'd also love to hear your thoughts on V2!

Until next time, stay magical and don t forget to use your INNOluxe Elixir at home with every blow dry.