Proteins are great for your hair, especially if it’s damaged (more on that in a minute). But can you have too much of a good thing?

You might have heard that your hair can become dry and unmanageable if it has too much protein, but what does that really mean? Worry not, we’re here to detangle the fact from the fiction and explain the inner workings of proteins and hair products.

Sitting comfortably? Let’s start with the basics.

Are proteins good for your hair?

Let’s put it this way… your hair is mostly made up of a protein called keratin. So the simple answer is yes, your hair is a fan of proteins. Without protein, there is no hair.

“Hair is mostly keratin”, explains INNOluxe founder, Jez Barnett. “Although commonly referred to as a single protein, it actually includes numerous different proteins with similar structures, all named keratins.”

But if your hair is made of protein, why does it need more?

Because hair gets damaged! We all know that heat styling, colouring and other chemical treatments can damage your hair and make it weaker. But even if you’ve never styled or coloured your hair, you’d still get some damage. All sorts of factors, from brushing too much to our great British weather, can weaken the strength of your hair.

Protein helps to repair damaged areas in the hair by filling in gaps and rebuilding the structure, which is why they’re found in so many treatments.

So what is ‘protein overload’? Doesn’t sound good.

‘Protein overload’ refers to the idea that hair can become dry and unmanageable if it has too much protein.

These days, it’s a bit of a myth, but here’s how it started…

Early protein treatments took a pretty one-dimensional approach, packing loads of the same type into their product. This wasn’t great for the hair.

These formulas could make hair harder, leading to brittleness and breakage, and they often had to be followed by a moisture conditioner or treatment to balance the effects.

But things have changed.

INNOluxe uses cutting-edge protein technology

INNOluxe contains Advanced AminoBond Technology, our very own advanced blend of exceptionally low weight proteins. By using different sizes of protein molecules like this, we can target and repair different areas of the hair and avoid the problems older treatments could cause.

“The different regions of hair (cuticle and cortex) benefit from a blend of proteins with different molecular weights” says Jez. “Latest research and developments have allowed us to create sophisticated blends that now repair and protect hair like never before. Smaller proteins can penetrate the hair’s inner structure to strengthen and rebuilds. Higher weight proteins can form a protective film and aid styling.”

Advanced AminoBond Technology works within your hair to build a superstrong network of sulphur bonds, restoring strength, building integrity and creating that luxuriously soft and shiny finish that our clients know and love.

Fabriq also uses pioneering protein tech

If you don’t know Fabriq already, think of it as INNOluxe’s big sister.

Fabriq’s salon superstars, Ultimate Treatment and Intense Boost, use the power of proteins to give you hair that’s stronger, healthier, smoother and easier to manage. And Fabriq’s Style range contains Prothermyn, our heat-activated protein technology which builds strength into your hair as you style. Clever, right?

Want to learn more?

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