Stop your hair colour from fading… and more

#SAVED Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask are our first homecare products to be designed for all hair colours. The products work with your hair to protect and enhance your colour, saving it from fading and making it last and last. They also pack a nourishing punch and let you enjoy the much-raved-about INNOluxe shine and softness from the comfort of your own home.

We asked INNOluxe brand ambassador, Sophia Hilton, and our four amazing INNOluxe SuperStars to give us their verdict on the new #SAVED range.

“It feels like having an INNOluxe treatment”


“#SAVED is the fastest growing seller in my salon! It’s surprised everyone and is really getting our clients excited - they love something new! It feels like having an INNOluxe treatment just from using the #SAVED range.”

“Designed for colour that likes to run, it’s an absolute go-to”


“INNOluxe #SAVED Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask are amazing because they lock your colour in straight away meaning you can literally keep your tone and colour for longer. Long lasting colour and a shampooing system that’s kind to your hair really matters.

It’s important to my clients that their colour lasts as long as possible and their hair still feels amazing.”

“Clients love it!”


“I absolutely love the #SAVED range! It’s brilliant for locking in colour and you can truly see amazing results. Clients love it too!!”

“The hair feels insane”


“My clients and I absolutely love this range! They’re better than most professional and in-shop products and prolong the life of both my vivid and natural colours. It’s nice to have the tech of INNOluxe combined with the colour safety aspect. The mask is especially a favourite, the hair feels insane after using it.”

“I can tell which clients have and haven’t been using #SAVED”


“INNOluxe #SAVED Shampoo and Conditioner are hands down the best that I’ve used… I can tell which clients have and haven’t been using #SAVED between appointments. Those who haven’t will have always experienced more fade than those who have! Plus, it smells pretty banging too.

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