The INNOluxe salon family has been growing at a rapid rate since launching just over two years ago. With the recent launch of the new V2 range, results and number of salons choosing INNOluxe has gone from strength to strength.

This month it’s only right that our ‘Salon of the Month’ takes us State Side, to Central Illinois in fact. This is the home of two BJ Grand Spa Salons and six Colorific Hair Color Salons, owned by Nick Lorenzini and his business partners, John and Gail.

This dynamic trio, Nick, John and Gail, launched their first salon business back in 1975 which has expanded into the franchise you see today. But their business didn’t stop there, in 1980 they founded a distribution division, and not so long ago in 2015, this evolved into the ProSalon Distribution Group. This sector offers professional-only product lines to the hair and beauty industry. They currently carry over 12 major lines and have quite the reputation for spotting the next ‘big thing’ in the marketplace.

Phew, we’re impressed so we’re sure you are too!

With such an expansive business to explore, we wanted to delve deep into the inner workings. We ask Nick what we felt were the major challenges in making this ever-expanding business a success? He said:

“Being consistent with our vision as we grew from one location to over eight locations. From 10 employees to nearly 400 employees. Also consistency across multiple divisions with very different needs.”

With every down, there’s an up. We asked Nick what the highlights have been since the business was founded back in 1975? He said:

“The best reward for us has been being a part of the professional and personal growth of the many people who are a part of our company. Every day, we strive to create opportunities to help all of our team become more successful and satisfied in their profession. We are very involved in the communities we’re in, and everyone in our company is proud when they are able to say they are part of the BJ Salon family.”

Obviously, this business is very unique, but we wanted to know from Nick’s standpoint, what he felt made his business different to all the others out there across the multiple divisions he was part of? He said:

“Building a team of professionals, an emphasis on continuing education always provided at company cost, excellent motivational pay systems and benefit packages, and a work environment that enables us to keep employees 20+ years.”

We believe that to be successful in distribution you have to work with the right brands, and it turns out Nick agrees. When discussing successful business relationships, he said:

“The brands that we work with are those that we truly feel can be ‘partners’ with us. We look for brands that are, of course, sold only to professionals and salons. We look for brands that can help us expand our service business, like INNOluxe, and that we feel will bring new excitement and energy to our team.”

Speaking of INNOluxe, we’re lucky to have Nick be our distributor across the pond. We took the risk and asked the awkward question, why did you choose us?

“We had been looking for a bond-builder line that met our needs across professionalism and excitement, and education hence why we began researching INNOluxe. Since taking on the brand stylists and clients are all super impressed with the results on the hair. Stylists are also thrilled that it gives them a new service to offer that benefits their clients while adding to their service revenue.”

"We have had INNOluxe for 7 weeks and have sold almost $40,000 in bond builder services."

Nick then went on to say:

"INNOluxe brought new excitement, great marketing that supports our own marketing plans, added revenue both to our distribution company and our salons and stylists. So far, we have had INNOluxe for 7 full weeks and we have sold almost $40,000 in bond builder services, compared to last year we sold $2,300 across all of our salons.”

We certainly like the sound of that! Another happy INNOluxe customer.

Nick plans to keep on growing and expanding along with his business partners, watch this space…