More celebrations are in order. Let's congratulate our ambassador Sophia Hilton and her salon, Not Another Salon.

It’s no secret that Not Another Salon hit the ground running with their social media posting from day one of the salon opening in late 2015.

Now, only 13 months later, they’ve hit 100K followers making them the second most followed salon in the UK!

Their social media platforms, Instagram in particular, has gained attention from every corner of the globe. Clients have even flown to London just to visit the salon on Brick Lane, from as far as Australia!

You may remember the Hidden Rainbow trend that took over everyone’s social media news feed for a solid three days in every country around the globe? The massive hype started with a post from one of Not Another Salon's colourists on Instagram. When people quote, “the power of social media”, they aren’t lying.

So what does social media stardom mean for your salon?

It's easy to treat Social Media as an add-on that just eats into everyone’s precious time; well now is the time to switch up our approach as an industry.

If Not Another Salon’s phone is anything to go by, social media success directly translates into appointments, full columns and a booming business. So far the waiting list for an appointment is around two-three weeks, and Sophia’s Academy is booked up two-three months in advance; doesn’t sound too bad does it?

There's an important point to make about Not Another Salon’s social media success. It's not just about superficial images of beautiful people with gorgeous, crazy coloured hair. It’s a platform to communicate honestly; an opportunity to tell a mass audience what hairstylists don’t get the chance to say.

Just check out this post below which got hundreds of reshares from other salons, captioned - Thank god SOMEONE out there is saying this!

Sophia feels very strongly that her social media stardom should be for something more valuable than booking appointments. Her salon’s ‘No Judgement Policy’ is such an important part of what makes this salon experience unique and posting online allows her to communicate this policy to a global audience.

It’s a message, a lifestyle and a world that Sophia has created; people all over the globe can feel part of that world. Not Another Salon can inject colour and positivity into followers lives no matter who they are or where they’re from!

Huge congratulations from INNOluxe.