As well as being one of our fab INNOluxe Sponsored Stylists, Becky Sutherland is a truly inspiring educator who proves that London isn’t the only place to be when it comes to innovation, education and show-stopping hair.

Becky’s courses let her spread her love for coloured hair that doesn’t compromise on health, helping other stylists to grow and learn as they work. We had a chat with her about all things education…

Hi Becky! We’re going to be mean and jump straight in with an educator challenge. This time, though, you’re educating our readers rather than your fellow stylists and colourists. You’ve got ten seconds to educate us with your top tips. On your marks… GO!

Top tip? Heat! As in ‘use it less’! Keep your colour for longer by using cold water, and lower the heat on your straighteners and hairdryer. Also, INNOluxe… this stuff is magic in a bottle, and everyone should be using it.

Excellent tips! We do know there’s more to what you do than giving the odd tip, though. Tell us a bit about your work as an educator?

In the past I’ve worked with some amazing stylists and learnt a lot from them, so I decided to start my own educator classes. I run them either one-to-one or for groups, and I LOVE doing them. It’s an unreal feeling when stylists go away happy and feeling like they’ve learnt from me. I’m really loving life!

So what is it that drives your love of education?

Watching other stylists! This industry is about change and embracing that the best we can. I constantly want to improve, grow, learn and take my skills to the next level – and I want to help others to do the same.

What’s the craziest style your own education has helped you create so far?

That has to be a client who let us really play and go mad with the colours. We created a splatter effect… and then we shaved a rainbow from the side to the back. It was lots of fun… but very messy!

That sounds awesome! Have you sported any crazy styles yourself?

Oooh, childhood disaster…when I was twelve I went on and on for a perm. I had lots of hair so it was never going to be a good idea but eventually I was allowed. I rocked a permed mullet and I still shiver thinking of it... My style has changed a bit now, though. I love my bright yellow hair!

We love your bright yellow hair too – it’s such a confident, sunny and (importantly) healthy look! And that confidence is hugely well-deserved given all the success you’re having. What are your most stand-out WOW career and education moments so far?

It’s an amazing feeling to be noticed for my work, so INNOluxe asking me to be a Sponsored Stylist and Crazy Colour asking me to be a part of their squad were huge moments for me. I come from a little pit village in County Durham, and hard work really does pay off!

That’s very true, it totally does. One last question before we let you get back to work. What’s next for you and your educator work? Tell us your plans!

I’m going to invest more in education so I can grow, and help my team grow too. You can never stop learning in this industry. I also really want to continue working with other salons, teaching vivids. I just love teaching other stylists!

Thanks Becky, it’s clear how much you enjoy what you do and we’ve loved chatting to you!

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