If you haven’t seen hidden rainbow hair by Not Another Salon this week, where have you been? This trend has been sweeping across the globe at breakneck speed, and not one country is left behind!

What is it?

The Hidden Rainbow, technically, is a simple concept.

After sectioning the hair, we apply rainbow strips of colour onto a middle layer, sandwiched by your natural hair above and below.

When the hair is worn loose, we conceal the rainbow with natural glossy colour. When the hair is pulled into a half up, half down style, the rainbow appears!

Sophia Hilton, the owner of Not Another Salon, gives her view on how this came to be:

“To be fair, the rainbow thing has been on and off for years, but right now it couldn't be more current and I think that's why it exploded for us. At Not Another Salon we have a 'No Judgement Policy' so we’re always trying to work on ways we can help clients express themselves whilst keeping in mind the social and occupational pressures of the standard office.

Sadly, most people live in a world where they’re torn between who they want to be and who they have to be. Not Another Salon is about supporting people to be themselves. Not everyone is lucky enough to work or live in an environment where self-expression is excepted, so here's the loophole!”

The inside story

Carla Rinaldi, Master Technician and Stylist at Not Another Salon, posted an image of her hidden rainbow creation process. Carla and the official Not Another Salon later shared the finished look on Instagram

The phone began to ring with journalists from Huffington Post USA, Cosmopolitan USA and Huffington Post UK wanting to know more about the trend. They posted their features, and the UK went to sleep.

The next day, the trend had swept the globe! As each country woke up, they caught wind of the new trend taking over Instagram and posted features with Not Another Salon’s Instagram shots leading the way. Over the next five days the features piled up, the image had penetrated borders, and the look was dominating US, UK, Jamaican, European, Asian and Indian media, just to name a few.

Now the snowballing has reached the likes of VOGUE Thailand, Cosmopolitan US and Italy, NBC News and the BBC News. And it’s still going!

INNOluxe loves social media; we love sharing creations and experiences in the most visually appealing way. Connecting with people who love our product is one of our favourite perks of the job!

The Hidden Rainbow story goes to show how influential social media now is to the success of our businesses, our industry and the wider world.

How to make the best Hidden Rainbow?

The beauty of the hidden rainbow is, you can make it whatever you want it to be.

Sophia Hilton says,

“Aesthetically it's down to the individual, we've worked with very light, white blondes, red-heads to full on pink hair. Again, there's no judgement here it just about making people feeling comfortable in their skin.”

Sophia is also our INNOluxe ambassador, herself and her team always ensure to add INNOluxe to every colour. INNOluxe repairs, protects and re-bonds the hair’s structure with the unique Aminobond Complex; all while colouring the hair!

INNOluxe leaves the hair feeling stronger, healthier and feeling the best it can no matter the colour.