You know the world is starting to get back to ‘normal’ when the Met Gala is back in its rightful place in our calendars! 2022 sees the Met Gala back to its usual first Monday in May for the first time in a couple of years. Cancelled in 2020 and moved to September 2021, there’s definitely a buzz about this year’s event.

What’s the Met Gala all about?

The Met Gala is a red-carpet fashion event and fundraising benefit (usually) held every year in New York. It’s been running since 1948 and the theme for 2022 is In America: An Anthology of Fashion.

One of the world’s most exclusive social events, it’s a huge night for fashion, beauty and celebrity as those lucky enough to have a ticket let loose with the extremes of fashion and self-expression as they walk the red carpet before heading inside.

But what will we see on the Met Gala’s red carpet in 2022?

We talked to the pros about what they predict for this year’s extravaganza…

Extreme looks and larger than life shape

If there’s one place you can be sure that going strong with your look will work, it’s the Met Gala. And of course, liberation and expression are on our minds more than ever after the restrictions the world’s seen in recent years.

We’re talking extreme hair, hairpieces and big, bold shapes.

"We’re seeing a massive trend following the revival for 70s and 90s hair,” says Rheanna Wood, Style Director at Sandy Wood Hair Specialists. “I’m expecting to see larger than life shape, unapologetically big hair, braids, edges and embellishments."

If you’re looking for an example of what we mean, check out the look Lupita Nyong’o chose in 2021. It’s a structured masterpiece and an absolute work of art.

Classic Hollywood waves and structured up-dos

“Expect to see big classic Hollywood waves and structured hair up,”

says Society’s Georgia Bell and we couldn’t agree more.

With this year’s theme focused on American fashion, you can put money on classic Hollywood making an appearance. We saw lots of old-school glamour at the recent Academy Awards, so the chances of seeing even more at the Met are strong. And we can’t wait to see the modern twists the celebs’ creative teams come up with on this one!

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Accessories – and lots of them

Hair accessories have always been a staple part of finishing off a polished Met Gala look and 2022 will be no different.

“I’m hoping to see lots of fabulous clips, pieces and outrageous headpieces grace the carpet that evening,”

says Not Another Salon stylist Norman Boulton.

Whether they’re the centrepiece of the look or simply the final touches that perfect the picture, expect those accessories to be stunning, stand-out and in plentiful supply…

Beautiful natural texture

sculptural shapes, we also predict you’ll see more beautiful, natural Afro hair that’s not been ‘over-tamed’ on this year’s red carpet.

“There’s a huge sea-change that’s been waiting to bust out,” says salon owner Sandy Wood. “These girls are leading the way for black and Afro-haired women to embrace the hair they were born with.”

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The Met Gala 2022 happens on 2nd May in Manhattan

We’ll be watching closely, along with the rest of the world. We can’t wait to see if our pros’ predictions are right…