We’re not 100% convinced that blondes really do have more fun, but it’s definitely a choice that’s here to stay.

It’s not as simple as just ‘blonde’ though. There are loads of ways to style your blonde, and just as many shades to choose from. And that’s without even thinking about maintenance!

What you need is a guide to take you through every step from choosing your look to making it last. Lucky we’re here, really…

Choose Your Shade

From platinum pale to vivid yellow, via shades of ash, honey, strawberry, gold and copper... Whether you like your blonde super cool or blazing hot, there’s a hue that’ll work for your complexion.

And to get that shade? We’d recommend professional colour over home colour, every time.

“Often, home colours are made cheaper, with different ingredients, so ultimately the result and health of the hair aren't going to be as good”, says INNOluxe founder Jez Barnett. “I would only ever recommend professional colours. There’s really no substitute."

Brand ambassador Sophia Hilton agrees, saying “Home colouring freaks me out… I check bleach and colour development every 15 minutes as there's such a high risk of damage. It makes me nervous when I think about people with no training applying those chemicals to their own hair!”

Choose Your Application

Just as there are choices galore when it comes to picking your blonde, you have options on how it’s applied.

Go bold with a whole head of bright yellow (hello Sophia, yes we’re talking to you), or keep it natural with a soft and subtle balayage – or go for somewhere in between.

Whatever you do, before you jump into a decision…

Be Sure to Fit Your Blonde to Your Lifestyle

Of course, the end result of how the shade and application look are huge factors in your decisions, but think about upkeep and maintenance, too. How does the look of your dreams fit with your lifestyle (and budget!)?

“My top tip on being the best blonde starts with regular visits to your hairdresser”, says Society’s Georgia Bell. “Where bleach is concerned, timeframe matters. To keep your blonde looking fresh I’d recommend appointments every 4 to 6 weeks.”

If for some reason (we’re looking at you, Covid), seeing your colourist every 4-6 weeks isn’t realistic, you might be better off going for a more maintenance-friendly balayage – at least until things change.

Warmer, honey blondes are also really maintenance-friendly, as they need less lightening and fine-tuning than ash blonde or platinum tones, and they’re much more forgiving of roots when they start to show!

Whatever Your Blonde, Condition in Crucial

Let’s be blunt. Nobody likes a dried out head of straw, and with the products available these days, there’s really no excuse.

Protecting your hair from processing, bleach and colour, as well as daily heat styling and environmental damage, is really important. It’s absolutely vital to look after the integrity of your hair, and using a bond-builder while you’re lightening is a no-brainer.

“Hydrogen peroxide (the developer) is damaging to hair”, says Jez, “but bleach is even more harsh. Put them together and there’s so much potential for trouble! INNOluxe rebuilds faster than chemicals can do damage and is an absolute must when lightening hair”.

And apart from all that, hair that’s in great condition (whether you colour it or not) looks shiny, feels soft and oozes a healthy glow - boosting any look!

From the process of actually going blonde (assuming you’re not a natural!), to daily conditioning, and top-up treats, INNOluxe has the answers you need.

Colour Correction Made Easy

If you’ve gone for a warm, vibrant blonde, you can skip this last section, but if you’re on the cooler side of pale, this is for you.

With cool blonde shades, you’ll need a little help to keep those yellow hues from creeping back in when you’re not looking. This is where colour correction comes into play.

You’ll want a product that’s designed to counteract the warmth with blue or purple pigments, keeping your look perfectly chilled. “INNOluxe’s Platinum range is my go-to”, says Becky Sutherland. “This is gold in a bottle it keeps the blondes blonde”. Georgia also raves about Platinum, saying “the Platinum Shampoo is perfectly pigmented and the Platinum Mask is amazing”.

Phew! Who Knew Going Blonde Was So Complicated?

Actually, it isn’t (or at least it doesn’t have to be). Make a few well-considered decisions about shade, application and upkeep - and make sure you always use a bond-builder! - and before you know it you’ll be rocking your best blonde before (and finding out for real if they do have all the fun…).