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The Platinum range is a huge stride forward for clean, cool, highlighted and ashy blondes. The range includes a luxurious toning shampoo, conditioner and mask for both in-salon and at home use, extending the life of these fabulous blonde tones which have been tricky to maintain until now. These Platinum products make it easier than ever to rock that true blonde shade in between colour appointments without compromising on condition. With Platinum, it’s all about luxury and enjoying a slice of salon quality each and every hair wash.

Of course, the magic doesn’t stop there. The sulphate and sodium free range not only tones to perfection but adds strength, shine and our signature INNOluxe sensation each and every hair wash. That ‘INNOluxe feeling’ is no longer reserved for the salon!

“It’s just bloody good. The world is always looking for the magic wand for unwanted yellow tones, well we found it and it’s a lifesaver!”

Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon and INNOluxe ambassador

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