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INNOluxe Foam

INNOluxe Foam

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Stand-Alone with Foam

Foam is a pre-diluted version of ReBond v2 which we developed for you to use as part of the INNOluxe Stand-Alone treatment. Unlike ReBond V2, you apply Foam at the station, so your client can relax with a coffee while the super-concentrated formulation does its thing. No more dripping into the backwash or onto towels, and a bonus 20 minutes when your basins are free for other clients. Win-win!

Foam rebuilds and strengthens hair using the superpowers it gets from our enhanced Aminobond Complex. Our blend of exceptionally low-weight proteins construct superstrong sulphur bonds right inside the hair’s cortex, with a helping hand from the organic sulphur in cysteine. And we’re pretty proud of that.


  •         Restores elasticity & repairs cuticles
  •         Constructs superstrong sulphur bonds
  •         Treats your clients to a fabulous experience
  •         Can also be used before perm and keratin treatments

What makes it great?

Enhanced Aminobond Complex, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, Cystine amino acid

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