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INNOluxe Purify

INNOluxe Purify

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Wash away your troubles

Treat your clients’ hair to the very gentlest of cleanses with PURIFY, our pre-treatment shampoo. The perfect start to a Stand-Alone or pre-perm treatment, PURIFY is designed to be super-kind to hair and (as you’d expect from INNOluxe) it’s a sodium chloride and sulphate-free zone. 

With a pH just a little higher than the hair’s, it lifts the cuticles as gently as possible, leaving it ready for the next stages of treatment.

Perfect your INNOluxe Stand-Alone routine

PURIFY is the opening number in your Stand-Alone routine. Use it to prepare the hair before treating with FOAM and BALANCE PLUS V2, then top off the luxury with ELIXIR V2.



  • Delicately cleanses the hair before treatment
  • Creates great foundation for treatments
  • Gently opens cuticle layers

What makes it great?

Free of sodium chloride, free of sulphates, pH 6-7