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About INNOluxe

INNOluxe is the next evolutionary step in hair colouring & repair.  

INNOluxe’s new collaborative (and standalone) treatment rebuilds the inner structure of the hair, reinforcing, rebuilding and strengthening the hair inside and out. INNOluxe creates amazing freedom, providing stylists and colourists with an additional creative solution to achieve even more striking results for their client with the reassurance that the hair will be stronger after the process.

With the launch of V2, INNOluxe creates a new standard, never been seen before. Following a colour or treatment with INNOluxe V2, hair is left stronger, softer, fuller and with incredible shine.

INNOluxe delivers:

  • strength & repair for all clients during all services
  • freedom to lighten further safely
  • longer lasting colours
  • strengthening and repairing during perms and chemical straightening
  • structural repair with keratin services

INNOluxe works...

  • with all colour brands
  • with all hair services
  • for all clients

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