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INNOluxe turbo-boosts profits for salons.

INNOluxe gives salons and hair professionals a HUGE return on investment

We like to get the basics right – salons who choose INNOluxe tell us they’re making 20% EXTRA on their colour bills!

Customers book it again and again (and again!), because they feel the luxury and see the difference from the very first treatment.

‘Market leading performance’ with all our in-salon and at-home treatments and products.

"So far, we have had INNOluxe for 7 full weeks and we have sold almost $40,000 in bond builder services, compared to last year we sold $2,300.”
- Nick Lorenzini, BJ Grand Spa Salons & Colorific Hair Color Salons, Central Illinois
“We've worked with many of the other competing brands, and quite frankly they don't compare. Not even close!”
- Gary, Clare and Linda @house_hairandbeauty