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The most shocking thing about this hair?
It’s outrageously healthy and strong.

At INNOluxe we love to push the boundaries with gutsy styles and vibrant colour, but there’s one thing we won’t compromise on, and we think you’ll agree:


All great hairdressers know that caring for hair will always come first. The truth is, you simply can’t sustain daredevil style or luminous colour without looking after the hair. Styling and colour treatments take their toll, and the bolder and more creative you and your client want to go, the stronger the foundations you need to build.

INNOluxe does more than just build foundations, though. It actually repairs the hair faster than chemical treatments cause damage, leaving hair that’s healthier than when your client walked into your salon. It’s astonishing.

INNOluxe has been rewriting the science that underpins the haircare industry ever since it launched, and we push those boundaries further with each and every innovation.

Stay ahead of the game, be extraordinary and give your clients the hair they deserve: join the INNOluxe revolution today.