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How INNOluxe Works

Stronger, healthier hair with longer lasting colour

INNOluxe’s new product range that will take your salon’s colouring and technical services to the next level.

  • Repair during all colouring processes
  • Richer, longer lasting colours using safe innovative protein technology that gets to work during and after the treatment, protecting and restoring hair bonds, maximising strength and allowing stylists to achieve even greater results
  • Complete client accessibility – every colour, every lightener, all hair types

INNOluxe also offers:

  • repair during all other chemical services – perm, straightening, relaxing
  • even greater repair with keratin services
  • an exciting new stand alone treatment
  • freedom to take your colour & technical skills further & offer your clients the hair they most want

Innoluxe ReBond, Balance Plus and Elixir 

How does INNOluxe work?

INNOluxe uses advanced protein technology to repair hair during the colouring process. It creates incredibly strong sulphur bonds that deliver highly effective restoration to hair. INNOluxe features Aminobond Complex, an advanced blend of multiple levels of exceptionally low weight proteins, reinforcing sulphur bridges within the hair to provide greater strength and flexibility resulting in ever better repair and longer lasting results.

Nature’s bond. Technology’s secret agent.

Hair contains a multitude of proteins (containing the amino acid cysteine). Cysteine is important because it makes up to 25% of the hair’s natural keratin & contains a sulphur atom. Two sulphurs together form a disulphide bond that results in a connection between two proteins. This link gives the hair its form and strength.

When you straighten or perm hair, this bond is broken into two pieces and then reformed when the hair is pulled into a new shape. This disulphide bridge is also affected during the colouring process & can be damaged with aggressive colouring options such as bleach & high lift tint.

Hair is highly vulnerable when it is already damaged and previously there have been few options except to cut or suffer weak, dry & damaged hair. There are many external forces that can damage disulphide bonds – sunlight, chemical treatments, etc. These can lead to weaker, damaged hair.

What INNOluxe does is apply the latest technology to form super strong & reinforced disulphide bridges that create a smart link between the two sulphurs, strengthening the hair. And it’s quick, meaning hair is restored to maximum strength fast. 

Working with our Brazilian scientist team using the latest protein technology on the market, we’ve created a range of products that consolidate the inner structure of hair, strengthening these hair bonds before they’re even broken.

There has never been a more exciting advance in the technology surrounding hair colouring and we’re inviting your salon to be a part of something monumental – the next evolutionary step in hair colouring.

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