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INNOluxe ReBond V2

INNOluxe ReBond V2

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Meet REBOND V2: a turbo-boost for your hair

REBOND V2’s formula penetrates right to the hair’s cortex, building superstrong sulphur bonds to strengthen hair from the inside out and repairing the hair faster than chemical treatments can damage it. It’s stupendously good at locking in colour and looking after curl retention after perms, too.

Your clients will be left with hair the hair they’ve always wanted - feeling sumptuous and looking better than ever!

Get the best results

REBOND V2 is designed to be used before BALANCE PLUS V2. For the very best results, we recommend treating hair to ELIXIR V2 at the end of every treatment.



  •         Creates anti-break strength
  •         Rebuilds elasticity
  •         Locks in colour
  •         Boosts curl retention in perms

What makes it great?

Enhanced AminoBond complex, hydrolysed vegetable protein, Cystine amino acid