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INNOluxe Trial Pack 100 / 250

INNOluxe Trial Pack 100 / 250

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INNOluxe makes everything better and gives you freedom - freedom to go further, to lighten more and best of all, Innoluxe repairs the hair during the process. The freedom isn’t limited to just colour, Innoluxe is also an amazing stand alone treatment, creates an amazing foundation pre-keratin services, strengthens during relaxing and even rebuilds during the perm process.

With Aminobond Complex, an advanced blend of exceptionally low weight proteins that rebuilds and strengthens hair, INNOluxe creates super strong sulphur bonds delivering increased strength, repairing hair faster and more efficiently than the chemical process can cause damage.

INNOluxe trial packs contains 100 ml of INNOluxe ReBond and 250 ml of Innoluxe Balance Plus with full instructions. INNOluxe is priced very competitively and this introduction pack allows you to include INNOluxe with 16 bleach applications and around 33 tint applications.

Add INNOluxe Elixir to your order and help your clients continue the repairing and protection at home. INNOluxe Elixir is a highly concentrated leave-in conditioner that reinforces the hair’s strength with multiple levels of flexible proteins, restoring strength and flexibility.

What do I get?

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1 ReBond 100ml
1 Balance Plus 250ml
1 Instruction Leaflet
1 Dosing Syringe

The Trial Pack will give you enough ReBond to add to around 20 services (as an additive) or to offer 10 INNOluxe Treatments. Full instructions are provided giving you dosing for each chemical service you offer and for the INNOluxe Treatment stand alone service.

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