Casting our minds back to Salon International in October last year, we launched the race to win 1 of 12 spaces on Sophia Hilton’s exclusive Colouring for the Camera course.

Propelling back to the present, this Monday those 12 lucky winners stormed Not Another Salon ready for Sophia to leak all her biggest and best digital secrets. And learn about her excellent ‘High-End Bleed’ technique of course.

We’re here to fill you in on a slice of the action with a few tips we picked up along the way.

First things first

Social media is the shop front for your brand. It's best to spend your time and energy building an exciting brand with depth. Social Media will follow naturally as the result of great branding.

We work in an aesthetic heavy industry, judgement comes very quickly.

We naturally look at imagery first, this is so important to remember when putting anything out there from your brand. Don’t put something out there that you wouldn’t be happy with your name on it should it go viral.

Values hold interest

Your followers may be initially intrigued by a fantastic image, but it’s what’s written in the caption and embedded in your branding, essentially your core values, that will make followers stay.

Healthy hair was a huge part of Not Another Salon and their aesthetics. Without INNOluxe, those gorgeously shiny images you see on social media wouldn’t be possible. It’s crazy how aware and obsessed consumers and clients are these days with the health of their hair and what products are used.

Pick a message and stick to it

Sophia is all about caring for the hair and hair health; she’s persistent with this message and it’s now why her followers come to her salon.

It’s difficult for a client to refuse a service when that’s the reason they came in the first place. Why not add on a colour additive if shiny, gorgeous hair was the reason you booked?

Sounds simple, right? Wrong

Many of our competition winners shared the struggles of creating a good image of their work to share with their followers.

As we’re moving into a new digital age where so many clients are attending appointments with references to social media, it’s important to get on board!

‘Attention to detail’, ‘practise makes perfect’ and ‘don’t give up on it’ are the three things we’re going to leave you with.

Go forth, find your light and share!