You’ll know by now that V3 is here (and is VEGAN)!

Now it’s time to take a deep dive, meeting the individual products and hearing what the pros have to say. Let’s kick off the fun with what some of them have said about the whole V3 experience!

"V3 is the most improved version of INNOluxe that we've ever seen. Just like the iPhone, it’s so important to constantly be making updates, and I believe this is why INNOluxe is overtaking so many other brands. They never stop improving their products."

Sophia Hilton, Global Ambassador

"One of the best things about INNOluxe V3 is that it’s now VEGAN! This plus the fact that it hasn’t compromised on the signature INNOluxe shine and condition - it’s even better! How is that possible?"

Kayleigh Dixon

"Having tried many branded bond-builders, INNOluxe was my favourite. They’ve now launched V3 and it has blown me away."

Sarah Spiers, Chaulk Education

Let’s meet the range

ReBond V3 is a little beauty that turbo-boosts the hair’s integrity by creating a superstrong network of sulphur bonds. Add it as you bleach or colour.

“The consistency of ReBond V3 is so beautiful. I love the way it gives my bleach a great creamy texture.

Use ReBond V3 with all types of colour and chemical services.

Foam V3 is a pre-diluted, super-concentrated version of ReBond V3, developed specially for our Stand-Alone treatment. Your client enjoys a coffee and scrolls through their phone while Foam V3 does its thing – no more dripping at the backwash!

“My favourite, Foam V3, is so easy to use and the condition it leaves the hair in is second to none.”

Use Foam V3 as part of the Stand-Alone treatment.

Balance Plus V3 is the next step after ReBond V3 or Foam V3. It creates even more repair and elasticity, adding that signature INNOluxe shine, strength and softness!

“Balance Plus V3 is the perfect detangler, and it makes a great cutting agent when I’m running behind.”

Use Balance Plus V3 with all types of colour, chemical services or as part of the Stand-Alone treatment.

Balance Plus PLATINUM is a brand new product that means you can tone while you treat! It combines all the goodness of Balance Plus V3 with intense purple pigments – the perfect salon time-saver!

“I’m super excited about the new Balance Plus PLATINUM - this is gonna be a game-changer for full head bleaches!”

Use Balance Plus PLATINUM after ReBond V3 or Foam V3 when you want to add a cooler tone.

Elixir V3 is the icing on the INNOluxe cupcake – a leave-in treatment that really packs a punch. Use it after the salon service (and send it home with your clients to use day-to-day) to top up the INNOluxe magic.

“One thing that’s not spoken about enough with bond-builders is how long the effects are going to last. That’s when homecare becomes super, super important. INNOluxe Elixir V3 has been updated so there’s even more power in there now. It’s so important that we educate our clients that they have to do their part if they want the effects of INNOluxe to last.”

Use Elixir V3 for anybody and everybody!

Your opinion is everything to us

We can’t develop our cutting-edge bond-builders and hair repair products without your feedback.

We’d love you to give V3 a try. And we’d love it even more if you get in touch and tell us what you think!