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It’s that time again! Our Salon of the Month

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The Awesome Owners Who Won’t Let a Global Crisis Stand in Their Way...

“INNOluxe is life-changing to me!” Kuwait calling…

“We Used To Wonder ‘How Is This Going To Make The Hair So Luxurious And Shiny” - But It Really, Really Does”

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“I Really Felt Like I Was In The World Of Conveyor-belt Hairdressing…” Meet Natalie Ewens

“Hair and sometimes art”: Flint hair art mixing up the creativity!

Warm Cinnamon Balayage: Style Of The Month, From Kaboodles Hairdressing

Spotlight on… The Colour Lounge

“I Once Spray-Painted a Model’s Hair…” Meet Stylist of the Month, Casey Coleman

“You Can Never Stop Learning” Meet Educator Becky Sutherland

Learn, Baby, Learn! Meet Educator Georgia Bell

Salon of the Month - The Hair Base

International Stylist of the Month - Stevi Zabawa

Congratulations to H & CO, Our Salon of the Month

International Salon of the Month

Salon of the Month - Twisted Scissors

Salon of the Month - Colour Me Sophie B

5 Minutes with Lisa Farrall

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“I Was Sold Out in Three Weeks!” ~ INNOluxe Distributor, Nikki Mcgihon

INNOluxe Launch at Haircode Academy, Malaysia