Mistify lets you treat more hair in less time

INNOluxe is loved for the way it protects and treats as you colour, but if your client’s only having highlights, balayage or a root application, what about the rest of their hair? Doesn’t that deserve to be treated, too?

In the past, treating all your client’s hair meant using INNOluxe in your colour application and then following up with a separate Stand-Alone treatment.

Mistify changes that.

A simple bottle that makes a big difference

Mistify means that you can spray your client’s ‘naked’ hair (the bits not being coloured) with the just right concentration of ReBond.

It’s super simple. Just follow the markings on the label to fill your Mistify spray bottle with the right mix of ReBond and water, shake well, and mist away!

Use Mistify with foils, balayage and root applications

If your client’s having foils or balayage

Mistify any uncoloured hair

If you’re fixing your client’s roots

Mistify the mid-lengths and ends of the hair

Small bottle, big impact

Mistify may seem like a humble spray bottle, but it works hard for you and your clients.


Mistify’s markings show you exactly how to mix your spray to the right concentration. Mix, shake, Mistify!

Saves time

No more treating part of the hair as you colour and the rest separately. Less time in the chair is better for your client and better for you (time is money!).

Reuse it again and again

Buy Mistify once and you can use your existing supply of ReBond in a different way, client after client.