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Cysteic acid, we’re coming for you…

FBR is your new tool to take out the silent assassin responsible for destroying hair and torturing hairdressers!

Each application of FBR prepares your clients' hair for all colour transformations, whether that be vibrant hues or classic blondes/reds/brunettes, ensuring all colours penetrate evenly and promoting colour longevity.

How FBR works:

FBR works tirelessly to equalise porosity, a critical step in hair preparation. By targeting the issues caused by cysteic acid FBR ensures that hair is primed and ready for any colour transformation, even for those once considered untouchable.

What is Cysteic Acid?

Cysteic acid is the silent assassin responsible for destroying hair and torturing hairdressers! Overexposure to the elements, chemical damage and physical abuse all contribute to create this nemesis of healthy hair.

Over time, these factors can lead to weakened strands, frizz, colour degradation, and prevent even colour saturation. For hair that’s been through it all, FBR is the hairdresser’s new partner in crime against the villainous damage caused by chemicals and everyday chaos.

Our ingredients and why we use them:
  • Hemisqualane & Pro-vitamin B5 : Fights frizz, colour damage, and breakage whilst thickening hair by adding moisture

  • Hydrolyzed Soy & Vegetable Proteins Builds strength and retains moisture

  • Amaranth, Arginine & Itaconic Acid: Strengthens, fights cysteic acid whilst adding bounce and movement

  • Disodium EDTA: Chelating agent

How to use:
  • Spray onto damaged hair prior to colouring
  • Colour as usual

  • Enjoy your results!

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