1st Taste V3

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1st Taste is your chance to join in with ALL the INNOluxe fun! Introduce your clients to our salon services, try out our homecare products, and discover the INNOluxe difference for yourself.

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  • 100ml ReBond V3: This little beauty turbo-boosts the hair’s integrity by creating a superstrong network of sulphur bonds. Add it as you bleach or colour.

  • 250ml Balance Plus V3: Follow up with Balance Plus V3 to create even more repair and elasticity – and to add that signature INNOluxe shine, strength and softness!

  • 20ml Balance Plus PLATINUM: All the goodness of Balance Plus V3, combined with intense purple pigments - so you can tone while you treat!

  • 50ml FOAM: A pre-diluted, super-concentrated version of ReBond V3, FOAM is part of our Stand-Alone treatment. Your client enjoys a coffee and scrolls through their phone while FOAM does its thing.

  • 100ml PURIFY: PURIFY is the opening number in your Stand-Alone routine. Use it to gently cleanse the hair before treating with FOAM and Balance Plus V3, then top off the luxury with Elixir V3.

  • 30ml Elixir V3: The icing on the INNOluxe cupcake, Elixir V3 is a leave-in treatment that packs a punch. Use it after the treatment (or day-to-day at home) to top up the INNOluxe magic.

  • PLUS sachets of our sumptuous #SAVED & PLATINUM Shampoos, Conditioners & Masks, and Mistify.

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