Cysteic acid, the silent assassin responsible for destroying hair and torturing hairdressers!

FBR works tirelessly to equalise porosity, a critical step in hair preparation. By targeting the issues caused by cysteic acid, FBR ensures that hair is primed and ready for any colour transformation, even for those once considered untouchable.

Packed with a powerful blend of ingredients including Carob Extract for boosting fibre and restoring dry, weak hair, Glycerin to nourish and prevent split ends, Amaranth to strengthen and actively battle cysteic acid damage, fortifying hair resilience and promoting vibrancy. Hemisqualane to fight unwanted frizz and colour degradation. FBR becomes your ally against cysteic acid damage caused by chemicals, environmental and physical stresses.

Each application of FBR prepares your clients' hair for all colour transformations, whether that be vibrant hues or classic blondes/reds/brunettes, ensuring all colours penetrate evenly and promoting colour longevity.

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