It repairs your hair faster than colour or other chemical services can damage it, and it adds protection and conditioning at the same time to leave every strand looking and feeling amazing. It does all that while your colourist gets to work, so you’re treated to game-changing repair PLUS a silky-soft, super-shiny finish. Pretty impressive, right?

How does INNOluxe V3 work?

First, your colourist will add ReBond V3 to your colour, kicking off the repair thanks to INNOluxe’s cutting-edge Advanced AminoBond Technology. Then they’ll follow up with Balance Plus V3 to complete the bond building and feed the hair with the nourishing and conditioning ingredients it needs and loves.

Get hair confident

From the boldest vivids to the most subtle, natural looks, INNOluxe V3 means you can go for whatever colour and style you want, confident that your hair is outrageously healthy inside and out.